My unwavering statement

If the price of being special is loneliness and isolation,
than I much prefer to be no one, but in seamless communion
with everything living.


Your false pride is your downfall

A hard one

Can you still hate someone if you´ve seen
through and done away with your self-hate?…

Why this relentless noise everywhere?

Cause they´re struggling so hard to outplay their despair.

For a change

Can´t you take a break from trying so hard to be someone?…

Man´s Supreme Fear


It´s not your limits you fear, but the absence of them

This is quite a question

How can one afford being oneself
when only imposture pays off?…

I really wonder

…if not this whole age is sick
beyond any chance of recovery.

Is there any genuine person left on this earth

…who´s not aspiring to be something else?