Thoughtless…gainless observation… – HEAVEN

You can´t enliven a person who pretends to be dead


I loath those days when it’s neither good nor bad.

I am stuck in a sort of inner numbness. Feeling insidiously suspended. An uncreative state which brings about a terrible non-commitment…

At some point we will pay dearly for other people’s unwillingness to see


“I have to render it undoable
in order to shun the agony
that it can be seamlessly easy…”

Save yourself

…that´s the only way to save a dismal world.

Would you believe me…

…if I told you that many secretly ask to be demeaned, humiliated, derided and abused…? That unless you mistreat them, they would never respect you…?

Dominate me or let yourself be dominated. A loving demeanour is neither understood nor appreciated. In plain words, many humans – women especially – consider you a fool, unless you abuse or let yourself be abused.