Hell is Truth Seen Too Late

Can we ever untangle from what is constantly keeping us enslaved?

We think it’s us living our lives, when in actual fact, it’s our forefathers’ misconceptions secretly living us. What’s worse is that we unknowingly take this evil heritage for being us, and fiercely quash ourselves, defending it.

They’ve all had you buy the idea of you, while no one was interested to awaken and encourage the real You.

I was watching an interesting clip from Christopher Hitchens who was basically saying that there is much in this world that we still have to battle against simply because those ideas were here first. They are misconceptions from a time when we knew less than we do now, and perhaps they were honest attempts to explain the world. But people hold on to these beliefs, and pass them down to their children. Your statement seems very similar.

You articulate perfectly what I tried to convey. The formidable contradiction is that these misconceptions have almost supreme power over us, so that although people intuitively know these things literally hurt and demean us, they nevertheless hold onto and defend these maledictions…

It probably doesn’t help that when we are most helpless as children is also when we are most easily indoctrinated by our parents’ beliefs. But who else are we to trust as children to survive? As a parent it is the awesome and most challenging of responsibilities to teach my child without depriving him of feelings of self discovery, which is ultimately more important.

The programs inoculated by our parents and education early on are so powerfully and rigidly abiding within us, that it´s almost an impossible task to decondition oneself from them. That because these beliefs cannot be destructured by will or deliberateness, as they happened before one had acquired any healthy self-consciousness…If I am to rid myself from them, I am compelled to almost “get out of my mind”…as mind is the very outcome of this conditioning…

There is no “I” without “You”…

I don´t exist in your absence
You don´t exist unless I am mirroring you..

Stop trying to explain something they refuse to understand

A quick thought

Meditation can not be turned into a deliberate undertaking.

As meditation is an act beyond willingness.

Beyond aim.

It promises no achievement as it has no price.

It is simply an act of no self-centeredness.

A movement beyond cause and effect.


What entails a true relation?

Mirrors of Encounters

Life is relation – that´s why we ascribe Interaction incredible value. 

Relation is important inasmuch as we always search to be completed by
something…or someone outside us.

It is normal, that´s what we have been taught: To search for meaning
in relation with things and people outside us. To search for approval. 
To define ourselves and find fulfillment through others.

But what happens if the other fails to have a real and genuine relation to himself?
How can a person living in falsehood and illusion see and approve of you?
What can a person living in delusion do other than letting both himself
and you down?…

Not having a genuine relation to themselves, people indulge in hypocrisy and lying,
in order to hide their
 shame and guilt.

They live in constant distance to everything, using all resources in this hopeless specific undertaking to conceal their shame and guilt. No wonder they…

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A prayer for today

Mirrors of Encounters

Release me from all Knowledge

Release me from the misconception of Justice or Injustice

Take away

All Judgement

The burden of Every Thought

The burden of Distinction

Save me from All Fear

Let the Endless Space shine upon me


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You can´t possibly forgive what you deny

A sacred encounter

I was astounded. There was no misunderstanding. Whatsoever.

Like no one before, he heard exactly what I meant and appropiated my words in such comprehensive and affectionate manner, that his answer was wonderfully precise and validating: my experience was his experience. He unreservedly understood from inside what had happened with no wish to deny, or make the whole thing seem different.

There was no question of being right or wrong.

Truth surpasses both.

The biggest lie

We have been taught that “everyone has to choose a career, to be someone, to do something”…- that everyone must necessarily fight and defeat the other. But this highly subversive and false existential attitude which only considers the other as an “enemy”,
fosters a totally wrong way of living – fundamentally distorted and distorting.


Because fighting the other, makes you a stranger. When you struggle, you do not get to find out Who you are…And only in relation to each other, will you get to know yourself in a proper way.

That is why, a life worth living requires a new, more wholesome approach…A new beginning which entails communion and healthy togetherness…

Something which is useful equally for yourself and the other…