The greatest taboo

Nobody is prone to admit it, but we have nowadays totally lost the interest and capacity to hear and heed one another.

How can we be in relation when we exclusively and entirely are so obsessively occupied with ourselves?

When solidarity fails, rampant madness prevails

Either we inviduate or we perish

“I am therefore I deny myself.”

They´re wasting their precious time in most bizarre and perverted ways.

In fact, they´d do everything thinkable or unthinkable to thwart self-knowledge. To repudiate the encounter with their soul.

Doing something for real?…- God forbid.

Alas… – such overwhelming danger to get to know their SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALITY.

Turn me into a convict


I can´t bear
the responsibility of being free…

– Modern Man

Happiness has no particular preference

Only unhappiness has…


We invariably kill the mystery of life with
our stupid addiction for control.

There is no preconceived belief to match this instant

Life is an eternal moment-by-moment conundrum
thrown at you.