The greatest pleasure in life

…is to achieve something
which they say is unfeasible.

Everything in this world is about Sex

Don’t misunderstand though,
It’s not about sex as sex, but sex as power.

Sacrifice the grey for vivid colours!

Enough with witless and compliant academic morons who know nothing about life and living, who have misled us into listless cowardice.

We are in urgent need of visionaries, of inspired poets, of fearless trouble-makers – the ones who help us retrieve our dignity, courage and lofty dreams.

I deceive myself therefore I am

“And although I may claim differently,
inasmuch as I fool myself, I expect others
to cheat and deceive me.”

Got it…?

Nothing intimidates more than authenticity

The human paradox

“I am special” spawns exclusion, which further brings forth conflict, enmity, and dissonance at all levels. No matter how outlandish it seems, man chooses separation and misery instead of wholeness and well-being.


I said it before and I say it again

Honest dialogue brings forth wisdom, inspiration, meaning. And most important:


Yes, the joy of self-discovery. The joy of true participation – that is, the immense possibility of discovering your inner voice and true vocation in communion with the other.

Only togetherness creates a nurturing context where both the individual and the collective can thrive and heal in healthy relationship.