A society which has killed Art is doomed

All great Music – Art in general – is the outcome of meaningful encounters. Of dialogue, of emotions. Of communion. Given and taken.

But today alas….! What music ar art shall we come up with when we live totally alienated and estranged from one another?…In a dehumanized society which due to thwarting natural Relation, feeds itself on and lives only of the great heritage left by our ancestors?

We scorn and kill all passion. Systematically. Don´t we?…It´s a conspicuous fact:
Nearness has become each and everyone´s nightmare…

What greatness can we then bring about when we have become so poor and utterly hollow inside?


A society with no real Art has nothing to live for.

Totally fucked up

They love their tormentors and eradicate the ones who love them.

Are you still maintaining that Man is not insane?

The most mind-boggling truth

Humans´ greatest fear is to live.

This being such a taboo, don´t expect anyone to admit it.

Not only that they do not live, but they do anything to hinder and discourage others from living, fiercely punishing those few ones who have the nerve to abandon misery and thrive, grow and be happy.

Where communion is missing, madness is rampant

Man of Today

A pathetic moron who does anything
thinkable or unthinkable TO NOT LIVE,
and to prevent you from living a real life


She was attentive, sensitive and approvingly present.
Such winsome, unfeigned sincerity.
Her smile wiped out all colourless days. All painful memories.
I was there. She was there. In fearless communion.
The afternoon was smiling too.
Such sweet, imponderable and soothing Lightness…

Renewal is the end of your life story

No matter how outlandish it may seem,
your biography is a dream.

If you hold on to it you´ll never be free…- thwarting
everything which doesn´t correspond to the prevalent
image of you rendered by your past…


You warn them, but they turn a deaf ear

I guess they simply want to go on deceving themselves…

The one who´s fooling himself, will also fool you