Renewal is the end of your life story

No matter how outlandish it may seem,
your biography is a dream.

If you hold on to it you´ll never be free…- thwarting
everything which doesn´t correspond to the prevalent
image of you rendered by your past…


You warn them, but they turn a deaf ear

I guess they simply want to go on deceving themselves…

The one who´s fooling himself, will also fool you


The most dismal truth is that most people waste their life, imitating and simulating – never ever getting around doing something Right. That is, anything authentic which comes from the core of their Being.

Squandered lives…

Imagine, not even for a Second do they taste a true Encounter with living.

So I tell you!! All it takes is A SINGLE INSTANT OF TRUTH.

If you are honest, have the courage and allow this single Graceful Second to unfold, it will heal, restore and make your life a huge Victory.

To comply is to have given up on yourself

If millions of people live and do things wrong,
missing the whole point of Life – namely to
discover their specific and unique meaning – you
don´t need to do the same fraudulent error,
even if that entails trials and huge solitude.

Only Truth will heal

That is to say that your lies are simply going
to maintain and intensify your disease.

An utterly conspicuous fact

When madness is taken for prevalent normalcy,
the only operational moral code is Violence.