There is no other way

You need to willingly go through Hell
if you want to come out from it.


I walked the never-ending desert

of your barren dreams

I walked and walked…

For interminable ages…

With wings scorched


With weary soul

One late summer night

I saw a hint of trembling Light

It was not the innocent Moon

It was her golden tress

She was lavishly smiling

Near and afar

I knew…

Her sweet echo

had lastly saved me

Who are you?

Mirrors of Encounters

All anxiety and depression are due to the fact that somehow we do not live our real lives. So we need to distinguish what is one’s true life and throw away
whatever disrupts us. This requires an internal focus, attention, and a wakefulness, moment by moment.
To dare to start afresh in every gesture, gently questioning everything, following your inner urge from a new center of introspection.
Life does not ask what you do, but “Who You Are”.

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I can´t help wondering

WHO BENEFITS from keeping them dead?….

Listening to how the grass grows…

It´s all it takes – ONE SECOND

Mirrors of Encounters

Paradoxically, what makes the whole thing unspeakably difficult is that it is childishly easy; and being so “easy”, for most people becomes thus incomprehensible.

“It can not be, you are fooling me.”

We recognize but the difficult, the twisted, the whimsical, the distorted.

To most people, the miracle of “Life happening this very second” is some kind of abstruse, impossible “philosophical” truth, something which needs exercise, sacrifice to be “obtained”.

But this is the crux:


There is no road to it. No journey to undertake. Nothing to arrive at.

You either Live This Second or bargain it away for a promise. The empty promise of a future retribution.

It is terribly tragic and surreal: people go from one idea to another, changing experience to another experience, travelling, working, substituting relation after relation, and at the end of the day, they learn Nothing. ZERO!! Nada…


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Can we ever heal an evil destiny?

I find this very thought-provoking.

Mirrors of Encounters

I got this following letter from a reader. With his permission I post it here – cause really, his predicament surpasses my ability to give him a proper answer. So maybe those of you reading this might have a clue out of his plight.

Here it is:

“I am truly puzzled.

There is something within me which somehow quashes and steals my healthy perception. To such extent that I end up being a stranger in my own life – insofar as I am out of touch with my potential.

I am not a so-called religious person, but my situation can be very well illustrated with this excerpt:

“I practice the very evil that I do not want. But if I am doing the very thing I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me.”- Romans 7-20

Thing is that this malevolent…

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Will I ever heal from being nice to people?

The more amiable and generous, the less I got.

The less I give, the more I receive.

Isn´t it fucked up?

The age of philosophical pauperism

Reflection, depth and thus ethical commitment have been totally evicted from day-to-day life. To such extent that most humans would rather prefer getting sick and even crock than engage in any type of introspection.
The present crisis is thus spawned by philosophical shortage and not material scarcity.

The blessing of a great dialogue

Mirrors of Encounters

The swift and honest feed-back opening you up. Energy being instantly given and received…Every word is reciprocally sustained, being sent back in ever-newer loops and unexpected turns.

The wonderful confirmation that your diffident surmising was right after all. You play back the other´s questions, and the other approves of you. Answers are being conveyed unbeknownst. Roads have been unblocked. New directions unveiled.

Inspiration flows.

Clarity is echoed.

Such relief…

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