How can you know?…

What is right blossoms

What isn’t, pretends to…

What´s the point of saying anything?…

…when you know beforehand they will twist
and warp it all to suit their prejudice?

We would rather die, than letting go of our mad stories

Mirrors of Encounters

Everything starts anew. Every instant is unrepeatable:

Life is a story with no story…

But that is too challenging and daunting to admit.

So ultimately it´s all about our narratives prevailing over Life itself. It´s all about our memory versus the inscrutable mystery of living.


Memory is often the insufficiency of our experiences. Memory is thus eternally incomplete. Deficient. It always answers inadequately to the challenge of every moment. How can something deficient understand this very Now, which is incommensurable wonder?… It simply can´t. Subsequently, not being able to grasp this present moment correctly, memory´s constant answer to life is Failure….

How can we be anything but failure when our very identity is, and derives from memory?

To put it shortly, we would rather continue to successfully fail and have our identity unchanged, than assuming the risk of letting go of our subjective memory, apprehending Life in open and imponderable wonder…

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Some very wise words

Even if narratives are inextricably intertwined with being-in-the-world, and both esotericism and cognitive psychology have been teaching us to replace bad stories with good stories as we move up the Great Chain of Being vertically… While this may lead to a more encompassing and healthier life, it will never in and by itself lead to awakening.

Search for the storyteller instead. Diligently. Day and night. In every circumstance. And keep searching until the searching drops away of itself…That’s all. Then go back to simply living your life. As you see fit.

– Björn Kempe

Inaction can be our downfall

We have replaced our artistic and cultural heritage with a fucking idiotic selfishness. Our humanity with apathy. With hollow and unscrupulous narcissism.

Evil is to be found in indolence. In passivity, which is a synonym for lack of creativity.

So the equation is simple:

Shortage of humanistic and creative impetus will be replaced by terror!!

We need to take a radical stand:

Either we abandon this wicked lethargy, boldly defending our hardly acquired moral set of rights and values, exercising and encouraging our spiritual and artistic freedom, or some witless nutcases will soon cast us in the worst undifferentiated and primitive pandemonium


The Bashful Muse


The Night lingers
So does her bashful smile

Real friendship

We are totally immersed in duality:

Friend – Foe. Love – Fear. Near – Far.

Freedom on the other hand, has no opposite. Neither has real friendship.

That unchanging friendliness is Love…

The future is a mirror of your past

Meaning that if you don´t put away the burden
of your past, the inertia of your previous dismal
experiences will continue to shape your life story…

Unforced Attention suspends Time

It thus abolishes linearity and your stories – real or made up, which is actually the same thing – healing and saving you from the memory of un unfulfilled future…