The now is the silence of yesterday

The past is a progression…without it there would be no today…..there is no objective reality out there….its all relative…so, to me, my past matters…

What we call “past” is basically memory. All these bundles of memories – which make the separated Ego, the “me” – become so heavy, and in the long run “defend” us from being in seamless connection, really, in touch with the freshness of the Present Moment…

I am not in the least attempting to contradict your viewpoint, I just wonder:

If our Past has such a crucial importance as to how we define ourselves, then in what relation are we to this fresh and “never-happened” Now?…

In the utmost Encounter, there is no Support

We are urged to question and deconstruct all dogmas, if we are to find the Vivid Breath which baffles and is beyond all knowledge.

The most immanent insight

The moment when it dawns upon you that Joy and Peace are the outcome of absolutely Nothing and No one, then and only then, are you immaculately Free…

Is human nature erred?

What should truly scare them doesn´t.
What should make them rejoice, does.

Only Life Recognizes Life

A young couple entered the cafe. Boy end girl. Our glances met in a reciprocal smile.

They were empathic. Sensitive. Healthily spontaneous and so alive…They acted seamlessly in the ease of the moment. There was no need for words.

Before they left, they asked politely to take a picture with the three of us. Which they did. I am not particularly fond of being photographed, but the photo came out very well.

The encounter took no longer than few seconds. But it really made my day…

Life is not your idea of It

The problem with “experience” is that it weighs you down, rendering you incapable of tuning in with what is happening in this very moment.

How can you know yourself for real, unless you renew yourself
second by second?…You can´t win The Real, unless you dare lose
the false idea of yourself.

The individual becomes real only when in contact with the Universal

Being cut off from It, is nothing but insidious hell…

Are we here to talk the intelligent talk only?

Or do we dare risk walking it too, for a change?…

What’s the greatest Joy?

To be completely disentangled
from it all…

Do we need to lie to ourselves in order to be happy?

Mirrors of Encounters

Man needs a dream, to put up with reality.” – Sigmund Freud”
Quite true, isn´t it?

Let´s replace “dream” with “lie”!

It may sound cynical, but just as everyone escapes reality seeking refuge in a dream – in an ideal with other words, which is a sham ultimately – reality has become unbearable.

No matter if Freud, or anyone else has said this – Woody Allen claims for instance that the only way to be happy is to lie to yourself – doesn´t make this statement less insidious.

To “put up with reality” means living in a perpetual distance to life, resisting what is, resisting yourself.

How can life be “easy” if we live in constant distance and resistance to It?
We deny this present moment for an uncertain dream – that´s what we ceaselessly do.

Eventually, resisting yourself means that you don´t want to know…

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