A rather disturbing truth

Nobody gives a damn about your living in tepid complacency,
constantly feigning a life, when you don’t have one.

Aren´t you a conundrum?

You claim you want to be happy,
you are addicted to unhappiness.

Such baffling conundrum

Irrespective of your purely unselfish wish, and no matter how much you´re willing, it´s wasted time and energy to try to help and liberate “another”. It simply won´t work.

You are the whole of humanity, and in light of this truth, if you help yourself, you help everybody without even attempting to.

Resisting simply worsens it

There comes a moment when you realize that “other” than what is happening, is simply a meaningless subterfuge. Things may be hard and painful, but let them be that way. In that thorough acceptance, lies the secret way out of the dismal predicament.

The saddest human condition

How can they love Freedom when all their life
has been solely invested in entanglement?…

The evil hides in selfishness

All self-centered activity leads invariably to sorrow, conflict and misery. Only the deep understanding of this insight, will breed the pure action which doesn’t derive from anything known. That action alone will save us.

Our obstinance will cost us dearly

Denying is our only answer to all these impending dangers we´re facing…

They all flee from acknowledging anything.

Know that there is no status quo to seek refuge into.

If we go on living in denial, Life will fiercely force itself on
us…on our outdated views…

So what is a true encounter?

…he eagerly asked.

It´s mirror encountering mirror.

What does this entail?…The mirror is empty, isn´t it? As such, it can reflect anything with no preference. With no resistance. With no strife. Eventually, where there is mind – that is, an interest – there is no empathy. Empathy is recognizing the other as being a continuation of you. And if the other is another side of you, a real encounter creates a nourishing energy, a momentum, a joy which heals, soothes and inspires…Two mirrors becoming actually One…

The greatest paradox

All greatness derives from it. It´s behind all noteworthy achievement.

The connexion with it bestows sense, stability and abundance. It heals all wounds. Soothes the tired heart.

IT is more Real than real…- yet beyond all conscious search.

The secret of non-action

Doing nothing is another type of subtle doing in terms of egoic rumination.

Fact is that in their eternal obsession for Doing, humans fall short to fathom what non-action is about. And alas…

Unless you have discovered the secret of “not doing”, nothing great will ever be achieved.