Applying to many a girl

It´s neither easy nor worth it…

Watch out – either you outsmart them or…

I have met so many shams in this life…Such incredible con artists who mastered the art of deception with such flawless ability, that there was no way to see through them. In spite of my sharp intuition, I have all too many times been fooled and hoodwinked.

Really, the connection with these souls is fatal.

If you want to have a life, it´s imperative to outwit these swindlers. Easier said than done, as you almost need an otherworldly instinct to outsmart them. Nothing less than a divine instinct…


..a movement beyond wording – a non-verbal or, better yet,
pre-verbal occurrence, baffling all concepts.

They forgive anything except seeing you happy

Of course, no one would ever admit this conspicuous truth…

But thing is that not only do they thwart and evict joy from their pernicious lives, but most people do anything – using subtle to coercive methods – to discourage, discard and dissuade you from following your bliss.

How terrible to try being someone else…

And yet, that´s how most people waste their lives.

The Wonder of Life never gets old

Mirrors of Encounters

To be so centered, so joyful and alert so just raising your hand, or taking a step, feels like a wonder.

This “wonder-perception” is the secret behind real success. Joyful non-action is the outcome of being in touch with this ineffable Wonder.

Non-action brings you Peace, Clarity, Attention and Detachment.

This joy of being “connected”, being mindful and detached, makes you realize that there is no repetition in the Universe.

 All is new every moment! Can you see this?

To be free is to feel “new”, consequently, in this freedom, whatever you do feels new, you have confidence and your actions will be richly rewarded, being the result of ease and flow.

Don´t just read these words, go into and beyond them! 🙂

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You only do it once

The more you try…

The less you get.

Your inner story equates your destiny

Mirrors of Encounters

Whatever happens, or doesn´t happen in your personal life-story is the outcome
of your inner story.

All events, all dramas, people you encounter, all relations, or absence of
meaningful relations,  mirror perfectly your inner state – your conditioning.

This inner conditioning of yours decide everything in the course of what you call
“personal experience”. Indeed, your inner conditioning equates your destiny!

With other words, this conglomerate of emotions, memories, traumas,
unfulfilled wishes, unresolved conflicts and expectations from your childhood

In most cases, your real I-ness has no chance against this powerful inertial dissonance. This vibrational disharmony is usually very powerful, it continues to perpetuate itself, yes, it lives “your” life, without you having a chance to assert yourself “against” it – as your real individuality is not sufficiently constellated.

If you were abused and maltreated in your childhood, if your father or…

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Amor fati

Most humans´ failure is triggered by their inability, or rather, self-sufficiency and idleness when it comes to decipher and appropriate their real Destiny:
They fell short to fathom and take advantage of those ineffably fruitful encounters with people who would have inspired and enriched them, who could have unveiled the very Course and Sense of their life…Indeed, they prodigiously fail to recognize those unwonted occurrences behind which Grace was winking…
Because of this, most people will live giddily, vapidly and “lost”…


Nothing falls into place unless you do

They say:

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place.
Until then,
Laugh at the confusion,
Live for the moment
And know that everything
happens for a reason.”

God, what an orgy of harrowing platitudes…

Eventually, no pieces will fall into no place… As ultimately there are neither pieces nor places… In the meantime, laugh at, but heed your confusion seriously, cause if you don’t, you can’t possibly live for the moment.

And for the record nothing happens for a reason, as when you realize that you are not a sum of any pieces, You find that you are The Reason needing no circumstance…