Your inner story equates your destiny

Mirrors of Encounters

Whatever happens, or doesn´t happen in your personal life-story is the outcome
of your inner story.

All events, all dramas, people you encounter, all relations, or absence of
meaningful relations,  mirror perfectly your inner state – your conditioning.

This inner conditioning of yours decide everything in the course of what you call
“personal experience”. Indeed, your inner conditioning equates your destiny!

With other words, this conglomerate of emotions, memories, traumas,
unfulfilled wishes, unresolved conflicts and expectations from your childhood

In most cases, your real I-ness has no chance against this powerful inertial dissonance. This vibrational disharmony is usually very powerful, it continues to perpetuate itself, yes, it lives “your” life, without you having a chance to assert yourself “against” it – as your real individuality is not sufficiently constellated.

If you were abused and maltreated in your childhood, if your father or…

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About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

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