She calls herself Grace

In this very humdrum and materialistic era, her very Presence feels like a miracle. She is not aware – but she shines. Radiant waves of light beam out of her countenance. She is caring yet unassuming. Endearlingly joyous.

She manifests what the poets throughout the ages have tried to capture: wisdom, clarity, sweet elegance. Poise. And above all – Grace.

She is the embodiment of Femininity in its twofold aspects: maidenhood and motherhood.

A lifetime for an Encounter

Against all odds and prevalent expectations, it happened… Concretely. The longed – for Miracle. The blessed Impossible… The very thing which bluntly contradicts the general assumption. What the so-called “wise” people consider unfeasible…

I tell you all:

Fuck the prevailing sensible answer – the scientific bullshit. What they call “the fabric of a deluded perception” is often where the truth lies…

Don’t settle for less than Miraculous!!! As MIRACLE IS WHO YOU ARE!

You deserve it. It is your birth right.


Seeing and apprehending everything equally, with total, unreserved interest and unforced attention, yet in a state of dispassionate non-attachment.

Doubt can save you – doubt can be your downfall

Doubt is good when it comes to questioning anything you´ve been told.

But once your particular course of action has been unmistakably revealed to you, to continue doubting will guarantee you the surest failure.

If you want to know, look where no one does

Truth is conveyed by the beggars.
Seldom by the Kings…

The irrelevant shows to be the truly relevant

The greatest Beauty is to be found in the casual, in the unexpected…You can only find her echo in the show, while she Herself rejoices in between the acts…

Beyond definition

There has always been something you were looking for, something hardly definable which eluded all classification, something more resembling a sweet scent, than a palpable reality.

They all said I was chasing a delusion.
I say that this concrete world we take for real is the biggest bogus, and that the
non-existent, is more “real” than real.

Me playing a two voice invention

Puzzle of puzzles

Life is not something to be “known”… but intuited.

A conundrum to live, not a truth which deadens…


…is identification with what is repeatable…derivable.
With the deadly foreseeable.