Is it so, or is it so?…

No matter how much you aim to get it,
the unexplainable runs the show.

Poetry beyond ages

I have seen her a few times later on, but I am still bewildered by her first glance…

I entered the cafe, and there she sat. She laid eyes on me and she kind of knew… She really saw right through me. A dispassionate yet heartfelt and approving look. Inquisitive, alert, and silvery awake. She felt like a sweet owl. Permissive, yet unwavering. Smiling yet timelessly serious. Compassionate yet relentlessly aloof… – seeing past all ages.


Your greatest fear is actually
The Instant Communion with
the Fearless You.

You are, with other words,
afraid of being free of Fear.

The Connection with Presence Beyond Form

…is the very thing you search for… – in all people, in all your undertakings… Eventually, all your plans and commitments boil down to this.

The tragedy is that you usually don´t know it… How could you? Nobody has ever told you… And so you continue to seek it out in people… In the world: money, position, maybe Fame…

But alas, nothing and no one will give it to you: the everlasting ease you crave for…
– everyone will let you down sooner or later… Unlike your formless companion.

Definition reinforces the Known

Meaning that the more you define yourself,
the more threatening the Unknown will be.

To Gratiela

I found her in the reddest chamber of the peaceful heart
Hiding between vague memory and wavering sound…

There she was
Bashfully smiling
Resting in quivering iridescence…

She made me forget all sorrowful days
She made remember all the unsaid dawns

There she was
The sweet promise of tomorrow with no yesterdays

Beware who you meet

There are energy thieves who are masters in faking a connection, who literally not only feed themselves on, but bind your whole attention to them. To give you nothing in return.

So be wise and give yourSelf your undivided interest first, and you will gain the clear vision to differentiate the vampires from the genuinely loving souls.

She is stuck in attitudes, but expects to be loved…

Your soul speaks through your emotions

In this pragmatic world we live in, the wisdom of our emotions is usually discounted, and we are instructed to avoid our emotions whenever we are making important decisions.

Repressing our emotions then causes us to develop an inauthentic persona as well as a distorted value system. Being determined to control our emotions and our bodies also diminishes the connection to our heart and isolates us in our heads.

– Bud Harris

Miracle has no preference