She is stuck in attitudes, but expects to be loved…

Your soul speaks through your emotions

In this pragmatic world we live in, the wisdom of our emotions is usually discounted, and we are instructed to avoid our emotions whenever we are making important decisions.

Repressing our emotions then causes us to develop an inauthentic persona as well as a distorted value system. Being determined to control our emotions and our bodies also diminishes the connection to our heart and isolates us in our heads.

– Bud Harris

Miracle has no preference


I revel in your endless night
Praying to your celestial shadow

Your purple light enthralls me
In lofty radiant desire

Bless me with flamboyant colors
Turn your royal glance to me

Remember me Goddess
As your most intimate bard

And I will forever praise you
In my hymns.

Who I am is of secondary importance

Who I am not, is by far the captivating puzzle.

A second chance, a new beginning

These last days have been the happiest in my entire life…- not because something particular has happened, but because, thanks to Providence, I am being “happened”…

To give you a hint, massive yearlong blockages are now withering away, leaving an empty space within me…Oh…this blessed newness…This unutterable joy of being free at last, to be the one I am – the one that for unknown reasons, Life didn´t grant me a genuine connection with…

What a grace…to no longer be a stranger in my life-story. To no longer feel the constant weariness and pain, the alienation and huge suffering that awakened others´ distrust and undeserved suspicion…Oh…to no longer be blocked, but to be free of that weight in my chest that nothing could cure…

I don´t know exactly what has occurred within, and thus, without me. For a change, I am being heard… I am being noticed in a healthy and unambiguous way.

Maybe the Heart has won over Fear?…

Maybe Fate has deigned to smile at me, removing my ancestors´ shadows, beginning to clear out the way from failure and disappointment?…

I don´t know…Or maybe I do…- but don´t have the words for it…

So far…

It is pointless to try to save a person who doesn’t want to be saved