Unless you free your soul from the wrong heritage of your forefathers and parents, your particular destiny will fail to reveal itself as YOU.

Femininity at its best

I watched her. What made her so desirable was that you couldn’t tell whether she was looking outside or inside.

One thing was sure though:

Her outer world was the vivid continuation of her inner seeing…

It´s better to not know

…than to think you know.

Follow your bliss

…means actually,


Only pursuing your truest vocation, will save you
from the despondency of senselessness. That is,
from a life lived in inertia.

The Danger in Our Unlived Lives

Our “unlived lives”, which we may have accumulated over decades, take their revenge through our restless feelings of dissatisfaction, guilt over failing to live up to our hopes and dreams, emotional pain that undermines us, destructive habits, and even in our illnesses.

The roots of the things that often disrupt our lives, drain our energy, and thwart our intentions lie in the conflict between our longings for growth and freedom, our longings for peace and safety, and our reluctance or refusal to pay the price for our authenticity through a special kind of suffering. In The Age of Anxiety, W. H. Auden says, “We would rather be ruined than changed. We would rather die in our dread than climb the cross of the moment and let our illusions die.

– Bud Harris

The death of true Art?…

Mirrors of Encounters

Creation is relation.

There is no distinction between Man and Society. They mould and foster each other.

Everything is intertwined – nothing comes out of nothing. And anything is the response of something else. Meaning that, Art happens naturally…Organically: where there is a spark of life, there will be creation.

Artistic creation is thus the outcome of true encounters. It is a vivid process finding its own way IN RELATION.

But, let´s face it: in this utterly disturbed today-world, genuine relation is relegated to a word in the dictionary only.

TRUE SENTIMENT IS TABOO, which means that every emotional involvement is fiercely thwarted.

So what is the artist supposed to do in this harsh and barren land of today, when there is hardly any true communion and togetherness left in human society?…

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It´s not me making art, but ART making me

Here’s the big mystery:

The Great I-less Encounter with Creation… – out of which real Art is born.

Likewise, thinking that “I live my life” is an optical delusion. An absurdity. In actual fact, it’s LIFE LIVING YOU… Only in this overwhelmingly simple realization, you become YOU…


Something to get you started… something
to trigger a sparkle…
Waiting for a sign of sorts.

Romance dies whenever two people do that “mating dance” called compliance

Mirrors of Encounters

Yes, in point of fact romance is dead.

It died when society opted for reality based on what’s on the ‘screen’ and chose that over human interaction, hence we pretend to be Rock Hudson and Doris Day, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for you young folk, instead of John and Jane Nobody, all the while failing to see the stupidity of pretense when obviously if only we were ourselves, bearing roses, wine and chocolate would be sufficient! 

– Stephen

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How would it be if you instead of fighting her,
you would simply celebrate her?