7 febr 2017-16


She’s neither pretty nor ugly. But she’s so damn alive. She loves butterflies. She’s humorous, with an unfiltered and direct understanding of the moment. Such vivid phantasy. She calls me Jackie – God knows why…”Do you mind?…” she asked. “You can also call me by different names”. When she heard that I called her Calypso she was thrilled.

She makes magic coffee. Probably the best in town…

It´s her presence making cafe Rossy a real harbour.



Piano lesson

Julien playing Misty

Isn´t it queer?

What scares you is not your darkness but your Immense Light within you.

You are indeed afraid of YourSelf, of the possibility of living a great and fulfilling life, and thus time and again you avoid and thwart the greatest gift bestowed, namely, the encounter with the Real You.

Night whispered…

Two voice invention in E major by Bach

Jazz it is – Piano improvisation

Sounds and light…


It would more appropriate to change the name of my blog into
The Mirrors of No Encounters.