I abolish myself, therefore I am

What does not man do in order to get rid of any encounter with himself?… – He turns himself into a non-person – into a robot.

I envision a wonderful future:

Man freed of passions, of ontological responsibility, of morality. Of emotion and creativity. Man annulling himself…A vegetable – if there will still exist such thing – will be more alive than the so-called human being.

So fucking wonderful.

LIFE is a verb – not a fucking dead noun


Are you with or against It? Are you connected with it or not?

The question is utterly complex yet blatantly simple.

Let´s face it: most people are not. Their only raison d’etre is fighting against the living stream, thwarting and twisting it, insofar as they frustrate themselves of their healthy impulses in a foolish search for a safety, safety which doesn’t exist but in their fearful minds.

So again:

Move naturally with this huge stream and thrive, or fear it – living in constant turmoil and angst?