The prison of your making

For the one who has lived his life as a convict – that is, in the exclusive straits of his ideas -, Freedom – which has naught to do with thinking – will seem pure absurdity to him.


The Holy Feast in Mykene


Anche se non mi vuoi

Invențiune la două voci de Bach în Fa minor

There is no bigger trouble

…than falling out of your inherent Sense

Transcendence is beyond the negative or positive

Mirrors of Encounters

“Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?” says Thich Nhat Hanh.

For sure, it sounds right and fair. But in order to see “the positive” we have to be aware of “the negative” as well. That´s indeed the most difficult part: we have to delve into the pit and see what darkness is about. Cause of we don´t take the trouble of comprehending thoroughly the psychology of “Evil”, our being “positive” is naught but the reiteration of the negative. Evil is running away from evil. In plain words, shunning wickedness, gives us a false sense of being positive, as this positiveness is escape – we still remain within the frame of the negative, being good, but evil…Look at most peoples´ life – good intentions, dire outcome.

The kind of “positiveness” I am talking about comes naturally by itself when Darkness has been understood…

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