It would more appropriate to change the name of my blog into
The Mirrors of No Encounters.

I abolish myself, therefore I am

What does not man do in order to get rid of any encounter with himself?… – He turns himself into a non-person – into a robot.

I envision a wonderful future:

Man freed of passions, of ontological responsibility, of morality. Of emotion and creativity. Man annulling himself…A vegetable – if there will still exist such thing – will be more alive than the so-called human being.

So fucking wonderful.

LIFE is a verb – not a fucking dead noun


Are you with or against It? Are you connected with it or not?

The question is utterly complex yet blatantly simple.

Let´s face it: most people are not. Their only raison d’etre is fighting against the living stream, thwarting and twisting it, insofar as they frustrate themselves of their healthy impulses in a foolish search for a safety, safety which doesn’t exist but in their fearful minds.

So again:

Move naturally with this huge stream and thrive, or fear it – living in constant turmoil and angst?

It takes a lifetime to identify the problem

…that is, the things which block, suppress and minimize you.

You need an incredible readiness to put behind all rational thinking and trust the holy intuition.

Life speaks in metaphors. In parables.

Unless you heed the signs, you´re lost…

A rather puzzling predicament

You can´t go back. You are compelled to make a choice:

So what do you choose when all roads are a dead-end in front of you…?

Dare we acknowledge this?

Where there is no life there is terror. Fear in its monstrous disguise.

Violence becomes thus rampant as a compensation for not living. We fake and twist everything. There is no life, but ubiquitous absence wherever you go in this world. No wonder, terrorism is thriving. It´s intrinsically a manifestation of despair, ego´s maximum madness of craving attention. Ego´s self-punishment for being so fucking dead.