Time for jazz


Work in progress – Invenţiune la trei voci în Do major

Who said Bach can’t be played joyfully?…



The unseen guardians are relentless:

The moment you leave the flock, you will encounter huge unexpected enmity. In insidious ways, beyond rational description. These entities are anything but happy for your audacity to break generational patterns and untangle yourself.

The naked truth

Let’s face it, humans’ life is run by fear, limit, suspicion, cowardice, and control.

Paradoxically, they are utterly miserable but take huge pride in their misery. Whoever is bold enough to question their self-imposed limits and go beyond them, is turned into an outlaw. They put stigma on spontaneity: passion, joy and real creativity are banned and vehemently thwarted.

Now, the true Artist defies and goes against all this inhibiting and autocratic idiocy and despite this evil resistance, embraces genuine and unadulterated emotion, celebrating love.

So fuck this malevolent correctness and claim your life beyond these insidious shadows!