No sham will ever admit to be one

Thing is that no one prompts us to be attentive. And so we take a lot of blows from imposters who played their parts well.

Now, if you learn the secret to observe dispassionately, you will not ascribe so much importance to what is being said, but will watch instead carefully what is being conveyed tacitly:
How a person drinks, eats or moves is far more enlightening than all the words which are eventually but another fake…


Echoes from other ages


Practicing Bach and composing in this splendour…

Composer waiting for inspiration…


7 febr 2017-16


She’s neither pretty nor ugly. But she’s so damn alive. She loves butterflies. She’s humorous, with an unfiltered and direct understanding of the moment. Such vivid phantasy. She calls me Jackie – God knows why…”Do you mind?…” she asked. “You can also call me by different names”. When she heard that I called her Calypso she was thrilled.

She makes magic coffee. Probably the best in town…

It´s her presence making cafe Rossy a real harbour.