A lifetime for an Encounter

Against all odds and prevalent expectations, it happened… Concretely. The longed – for Miracle. The blessed Impossible… The very thing which bluntly contradicts the general assumption. What the so-called “wise” people consider unfeasible…

I tell you all:

Fuck the prevailing sensible answer – the scientific bullshit. What they call “the fabric of a deluded perception” is often where the truth lies…

Don’t settle for less than Miraculous!!! As MIRACLE IS WHO YOU ARE!

You deserve it. It is your birth right.

A blessed encounter

Fate arranged that I met some Gypsy people tonight. The winsome honesty with which they were talking, the craziness, the generosity, the wisdom, playfulness, deep humanity, all in all, all facets of the human drama were charmingly embraced and exultingly talked about. There was no trace of false modesty, hypocrisy or emotional restraint. No taboos. Nothing to hold back or be ashamed of. How we laughed…Everything humane was covered and taken into account.
I have never in my life before conversed this freely, seamlessly and without any sense of guilt or tímorousness…in such deep and natural insight.
Staggering what nearness can be shared and conveyed when it´s right…

I understand even more now why I named this blog Mirrors of Encounters…

A blessed encounter

We spontaneously decided to get together.

Unwaveringly and with no preamble, we delved into the core questions of existence. In great honesty. With great zest.

We were completely ourselves, we showed our yearning but also our wisdom and uncertainty, trusting and backing each other. There was a deep sense of connection, affinity, solidarity. As if our words were dancing. There was joy but also sorrow. But we allowed ourselves to embrace both, and so only pure joy availed.

“Do you feel this perfume, where does it come from?” he asked.

We didn´t know exactly what was going on, but the three of us felt a soothing feeling of coherence. Of consistency. That nearness felt like music…our words were creating a kind of Symphony – as in the Greek word symfono. Namely, perfect agreement, perfect consonance.

Heartfelt Connectedness in Wholeness.

Take a break from yourself

…and do something for someone else, with no thought of personal gain.

It can be a smile, a compliment, a word, a mere amiable glance…it can make
a huge difference…

For a change, look closely around you and realize that we are all intertwined.

You are the other, you become enriched by knowing yourself in the contact with
your fellow-man.

I will illustrate my point:

I had an inner major break-through yesterday. Such an incredible sense of wellness and
relief within me: The “old me” was no longer there. I was feeling composed, empowered, free…as if floating, but entirely rooted in the present moment.

As I was sitting at a terrace sipping a coffee and writing, a guy stopped a couple of meters right in front of me. At first it was confusing… – I had never seen him before. A perfect stranger, properly dressed, with a very unusual charisma. He was gently smiling at me, vividly gesticulating, his eyes glowing with gratitude. He was obviously deaf. He was “talking” to me, although at first I was quite bewildered – he used sign language.

The “encounter” didn´t last more than few seconds. But as he quickly moved his hands, he was intimating:

“Thank you for your presence – you look so elegant, you spread wellness around you.
Whatever you write in your book reaches out to me. Thank you!” 

He happily smiled again, bowed and vanished, as if this never happened.

Given that here in Stockholm where I live, no one ever says anything, I was simply overwhelmed… What an approval I had received.

Few magic seconds of shared joy!