So why are we here…?

What´s the meaning of it all?…he asked me.

It´s a rather difficult undertaking to approach this stuff without lapsing into speculation. But seemingly – since we don´t have an appropriate language for meta reflection, we settle for what we have.

You may find this far-fetched and utterly nonsensical but oftentimes you kind of feel that “this world exists as a weird replica” of the real World. I can´t substantiate this logically, but luckily I found the same insight expressed in A Course in Miracles – namely that this world is an escape from Love.

And truth be said, the more I observe people and human nature, the more I realize this astounding truth: You can be absolved if you abuse, hurt, demean, torture, even kill…but humans will never forgive you for truly and unconditionally loving them.

Of course, no one will ever admit this…as denial is another name for who we are. Denial is with other words, another way of stating that this world is real, disavowing the Imperishable God´s Creation as the fabric of some deluded weaklings – the upside-down turned truth…

So…bearing this in mind, there is no meaning to something which doesn´t really
exist – namely, this world as we know it – no matter how we twist and turn it. With other words, NOTHING in this world – and I MEAN NOTHING – will bring about durable inward or outward peace, contentment or mental or emotional steadfastness – something everybody knows, but never acknowledges. It simply can´t. Because the whole idea behind this existence stems from a gigantic fake…

So…the only thing which gives meaning is the Holy Instant – that timeless gap, the
“in-between” freed from thought, becoming, that “something” beyond pursuit, aspiration or conceptualization….

The way you handle this paradox decides the course of your life

Everything – every gesture, every second, every breath – is monstrously important, and at the same time, totally irrelevant.

There is no such thing as ego or suffering

On the other hand,
There is an ego and there is suffering.

There is…
There is not…

“There” exists…
But Not…


There is no escape

No escape from Sorrow.
No escape from Depression.
No escape from heart-breaking Loneliness.

There is only your guts to unwaveringly
and unreservedly welcome all this pain
and treat it like a precious gift.

Mind is eventually a fearful Dream

Mind is the depositary of all yesterdays, of prevalent experience. Of memory. Of conditioning. Mind is by definition OLD. Being old and obtuse it is thus the antinomy of Now.

No matter the circumstance, it wants to keep busy. Occupied. Irrespective
if it´s “free” or “busy”. Simply put, Mind´s main function is constant conflict, that is, to resist and thwart Life…

And Life is another word for Love…

Life is its own metaphor

Reality is thus metaphorical and metaphors become palpably real. Trying to only change things outwardly often shows to be a senseless and fruitless undertaking.

Unless you manage to rightly take on the metaphor, decipher, and eventually outwit the symbolic drama within, you will forever remain caught in the maze. Either be devoured by the monster, or save yourself by killing it and come out reborn…

Whether it’s one’s specific karma or not, no one can tell..

Fact is that one has been punished in a “double” sense: not only you have suffered like hell from an erred heritage handed down by society, re-enacted and inflicted on you by immature and unconscious parents, but later on in life, this dysfunctional legacy deeply grafted within, made you an easy target for other people’s unresolved projections and hateful emotions….

Such a terrible agony to have been the object and depositary of this, sometimes subtle, sometimes fierce enmity nobody acknowledges, which is nevertheless more real than “real”.