Sometimes I get into feeling that I’m in this all alone

Says Maria Estes on Facebook. She goes on:

“Recently I was feeling that way, while I was eating a piece of toast. I thought about all that went into that piece of toast, all the hands that had touched it (so to speak), that had gotten it made, to my kitchen and into my mouth. I realized that it’s an illusion that we’re totally on our own. It’s actually impossible.

As Lily Tomlin said: “We’re all in this alone, together.”

My comment:

The thing is that identification with thinking is the source of disease – as ultimately, thinking is “this” and not “that”…The moment you realize that life is “precisely imprecise”, well, in that very space thinking ceases, and healing can happen.

Thinking is actually a terrible misconception – it bluntly ignores that there are “other hands” preparing “the toast” claiming that it exist only by itself…as you say, it thinks that it is on its own …- which is pure madness…In fact we need to approach a new kind of thinking which embraces opposites…that´s pretty utopian of course, but I think this is our “salvation”.

Maria Estes blog:

A short dialogue

– What happened to you, you are so happy…
– Nothing specifically…I am simply happy.
– How come?…
– Just like that…I am.
– I see…(her right eyebrow going up)
– Aren´t you happy…? You are, you exist…
– Yeah right…See you

A short dialogue

He said:

“I am afraid I do not have much of an answer for these questions at the moment, but I will try to reflect upon these in the near future.”


I have found satisfying answers to different questions, but I still keep asking those questions till  I get even more exhaustive answers.

The main idea is not trying to give answers yet, as the answers will emerge gradually as we linger and embrace these searing questions without resistance.


Richard wonders about reincarnation

Do you really think that you have lived a life (or even more lives) before?”

Me: “What I think may be or may be not of consequence – the more important is: what is the real question behind your question? Why do you want to know this…?”

Richard: “Hmmmm. That’s difficult to answer. Probably I’ve listened to my ego which tells me to live for ever in order to defeat the fear of death. Or it’s just for curiosity?!? I don’t know, yet. What do you think?”

While in Romania, talking on Skype, I gave him an indirect answer asking him to watch Audrey Rose, a great film, worthwhile for those interested in reincarnation.
Today he wrote on his blog:

“I wonder why Julien doesn’t comment or proceed on my invitation in my posting “Discussion with Julien about former lives”. I wonder what reasons there are which prevent him from doing.

In fact, it’s my ego which requires some input information in order to empower my self-consciousness.”

My answer:

The ego is never there to empower. Its role is to sabotage and disempower.

 I did give you a clue with Audrey Rose, but you said that you don´t watch “horror movies”.

What if the information you need to start this dialogue with me, IS THERE FOR YOU IN THIS MOVIE, but due to your fear labeling it “horror movie”-, you stay out of touch with what you need to know.

Again, your ego sabotages you making you belive that Audrey Rose is a horror movie. The point is, WE NEVER KNOW where or how the information comes to us – in what package it is wrapped:

It can be a “horror movie, a whisper, a perfume, a glance from a bypasser, a word of no particular consequence, a book…

How can we ever continue the dialogue when Fear is interposing, not caring consider what has already been given…?