Irrespective of your will and implication, things seemingly happen at random

If you look closer though, there is a hidden logic behind it all. It may seem unfair at a first look: when you are sad, unstable and despondent, you encounter lots of setbacks which somehow match your inner state.

If you instead are calm and well – that is, stringently present, aligned with your joy and true purpose -, Life responds immediately to the beneficial frequency you´re spreading, and more often than not, the events around you will work for, and not against you.

This is tried and tested…

I am sure you know what I am hinting at.



Do we win together or fail together?

The underlying idea of keeping this so-called blog started out as an attempt to urge people to cooperate and colaborate…To build up a platform of aliveness where unbiased dialogue would help us open and explore ourselves in a further and different light. To create a more sustainable vision and perception through questioning our very entrenched immemorial conditioning.

It is baffling: considering the visitors, I could easily say that Mirrors of Encounters is a fairly “successful” place.

Truth be said, it feels more like a failure:

The paradox is though that despite the numerous views, I get less and less comments. Maybe my writing and may personal way of approaching “reality” intimidates or discourages people to make a point.

God knows…

Fact of the matter is that without your endorsing viewpoints, the whole idea of continuing writing in this form becomes meaningless and rather futile.

I am rather disinterested in monologues.