The secret of non-action

Doing nothing is another type of subtle doing in terms of egoic rumination.

Fact is that in their eternal obsession for Doing, humans fall short to fathom what non-action is about. And alas…

Unless you have discovered the secret of “not doing”, nothing great will ever be achieved.

Stop being so privative

No matter if it’s joyful or saddening,
the slightest reminder of any truth, is
necessarily perceived as ‘negative’.

Stop trying to explain something they refuse to understand

Unless you haven´t “arrived”, you never will

When you know WHO you are, wherever you look, you see but opportunities

Those who don´t know, see only obstacles.

It is a mindless undertaking to shed light

…when the thing they cry for is even more darkness.

You cannot befriend people who refuse to befriend themselves