It would more appropriate to change the name of my blog into
The Mirrors of No Encounters.

Sentimental bunkum is not to be taken as wisdom

If whatever you claim to be true cannot also be validated through its contrary, than your very allegation is shortsighted and thoroughly vapid.

To understand oneself

The hardest of all tasks…

They are all so busy to arrive nowhere

How could they ever reach a destination – “there” – when they totally lack a well-defined starting point – a “here”…?

Indeed – they never get anywhere because they never truly begin…

Intelligence is the ultimate obstacle preventing enlightenment

You shun the ugly, ugly you become

Ego´s ultimate success is failing

No one can´t give you solutions to the problems you refuse to see

Love is never judgemental

Love has no mind, It is beyond thought.

Love has no particular point of view, as It embraces all points of view.

All forms of judgement derive from category, from fear of gain and loss.

Being limitless and timeless, Love knows no category, no distinction and
therefore no loss, so It can never be judgemental.

You are Love, and why should ever Love judge Itself?