Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”

Instead of Julien I had become Juliet. 🙂

He apologised.
He had written me an e-mail from his mobile and the phone stubbornly spelled
my name wrong.

I found this very amusing – in fact I had a very good laugh. Out of the blue I had become
a woman…a feminine archetype.

He felt obliged to explain himself as to this wrong spelling. “Right needs to be right”…

Is it really so, I was wondering…? Let´s ponder a moment: If “Right” is solely right,
then something inexpressibly essential is missing, it kind of gets limited and boring.

Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”. With other words:
If right is to be really Right, there has to be some degree of wrong or mistake of sorts permeating
this “right”. That makes it exciting, humanly true and alive…

So I think I´m going to change my name…at least for today 🙂