The extraordinary versus the ordinary

Cornelius Agrippa
Reality: we must define our terms. Provisionally I would say reality is relative to our level of consciousness, that is, to our ability to perceive it. Reality for a snail is not the same as reality for a man or woman. There would be no point in a snail defining reality because a snail does not have the capacity to define anything higher than the snail world. In the same way, human beings in the ordinary state in which we find ourselves cannot define reality, otherwise we limit God.

Numbers: who knows? Physicists find that the world is mathematical, or at least, they are constantly surprised that they are able to describe it very accurately in mathematical terms. This astonishment has been going on since Pythagoras discovered that music is numbers.

A very good point! Just a question:

Of course it´s a matter of perception. How can one tell the “ordinary” about the “exatraordinary”…?
This pursuit may feel at times as meaningful as teaching a snail the Music of The Stars.