The biggest lie

We have been taught that “everyone has to choose a career, to be someone, to do something”…- that everyone must necessarily fight and defeat the other. But this highly subversive and false existential attitude which only considers the other as an “enemy”,
fosters a totally wrong way of living – fundamentally distorted and distorting.


Because fighting the other, makes you a stranger. When you struggle, you do not get to find out Who you are…And only in relation to each other, will you get to know yourself in a proper way.

That is why, a life worth living requires a new, more wholesome approach…A new beginning which entails communion and healthy togetherness…

Something which is useful equally for yourself and the other…

Basic Logic will never solve it

An impossible dilemma requires at least an equally impossible solution.

How can we know something about a Reality which so ineffably surpasses our grasping?

It is very interesting how these Universal laws work. Its getting everyday, month by month more interesting. I knew from my childhood in this life I will experience a tremendous change…I’m not sure what to think about it anymore.

Sometimes it feels like nothing is changing at all. I feel imprisoned by my life and sometimes so many awkward mysterious things happen around me. Like being stuck all the time yet seeing or feeling tremendous change. How weird is this?… For the time being I have no clue whats going to come anymore. Before I used to know it. Like I felt it. But lately I`m clueless…

Can you commit yourself to what is happening now?… – that´s the question.

“Commit” despite the fact that you don´t know.

Being clueless is indeed very challenging, meaning that whatever you know can
no longer apply to what is happening…

It means that in this state of “not knowing”, something else within you is emerging:`let´s say another kind of “knowledge”. Another kind of perception, a new “approach”…

I also feel stuck for some good months now.

It is an awkward feeling – whatever I try, fails…A great trial: you feel totally powerless as to the course of things…

It feels as if someone else – who and where…? – has the key to your life.

The saving solution. The Answer.

Infinite possibilities and yet – none…

We don´t know a thing as to our real Fate.

Someone said that her dreams are totally being crushed just now. I actually confront myself with the same painful reality, feeling many times empty-handed.

It seems to me that in order for “change” to occur, the false personality – the “knower” – must disappear…Who knows anything eventually?…

How can we know something about a Reality which so ineffably surpasses our grasping?

Can we redefine “the known”?

Isn’t it quite something…? When time is right, we see and heed things that were there…right in front of us and yet unobserved…

Pursuing the “New” feels many times like a very lonely path to tread, that’s why I am grateful for sharing these words with you…Yes, You… the very person reading this now.

Embracing the New, feels like a heavy task as I can’t rely on anything acknowledged, it is like fumbling after a true yet shapeless dream – I don’t know at all where I am heading to, as New flees all definitions…So sharing something with you, breaks this feeling of uncertainty and loneliness, it gives hope, enthousiasm…the reassurement that the direction is, after all, right.

Live exceptionally

“Exceptionally” comes of course from the word exception. If you want to be able to decipher the “hidden” messages of life, you have to learn to think and feel exceptionally.

Exceptions never follow a main stream order, obviously it´s a thing not following the rule.

It means that exceptions can be neither perceived nor assumed by the normal logical mind, as logic is linear repetition of the known.

Mind, like every system, is a mechanic entity, usually a non vivid entity as it is a conglomerate of repetitions and habits. What would happen if we all got rid of the habit of logic and linearity and embrace life as a wondrous sequence of exceptions? The implications are huge.

Imagine the incredible amount of energy and unknown potential to be released in such a healthy approach.

TO LIVE EXCEPTIONALLY IS TO ACCESS YOUR WHOLE POTENTIAL, BEING WATCHFUL HERE AND NOW. It means to let go of all inertia of habit, of preconceived knowledge and start looking at everything with the eyes of a kid.

This is the key to a new life, to a new perception: to question and let go of the known patterns of thinking. You can continue doing everything you´ve always done, but with a new approach, with a new frame of mind.

Logic has its way of predetermined conditioning. Exceptions make themselves known through “random events”, that is, they follow an undetermined “pattern” of secret sequences.

Again, if you have the readiness to let go of the known, beginning to fathom this unaccountable sequences of exceptional incidents, than you are in vivid touch with Life.

Life manifests itself through exception – every moment is an exception, a new chance of renewal. Yes, you can predict the unpredictable, if you start living exceptionally.