No sham will ever admit to be one

Thing is that no one prompts us to be attentive. And so we take a lot of blows from imposters who played their parts well.

Now, if you learn the secret to observe dispassionately, you will not ascribe so much importance to what is being said, but will watch instead carefully what is being conveyed tacitly:
How a person drinks, eats or moves is far more enlightening than all the words which are eventually but another fake…

Unless you like being scorned

Don´t commit the mistake of
treating sanely the insane.


Nothing remains the same

It´s either downwards or upwards.

That applies to the people you surround yourself with. It works unfailingly:

If you want to know how someone´s nearness influences you, watch the trajectory of your life:

It´s either good or bad luck.

Sometimes it´s wiser to shut up

In vain you encourage the good in them
they are prone to see it in themselves.

A word to a painter

The line doesn´t exist, you create it.
The colours already exist –  let them create you.

Bring your dream into your now

“Later” is another facet of Now.

Consequently, what is missing now, will be also missing later.

In this sense, unless you´re connected with it, waiting for something
is deluding yourself.

Time is sorrow, time is separation,
that´s why time will never bring you any fulfillment.

If you want to “obtain” anything, you have to feel as if you have it now.

With other words:
If you don´t activate your wish in your present felt state now,
you will simply manifest even more frustration and futile yearning.

Learn to lose it all

…if you wanna win it

A piece of advise

At some point we have to stop seeing what we want to see, or what others want us to see, and objectively and dispassionately accept what is in front of us…