Don´t subordinate Awareness to your idea of time

Thanks to Eckhart I try to be aware of awareness all day but it only happens occasionally. I love it when I am aware like now. Thanks for starting my day with this reminder.

You see,

Let´s put it like that: Awareness doesn´t belong to Tolle, to me or to you. It doesn´t belong either to what we usually call chronological time. It doesn´t obey or fit in our classifications of time and space.

Thus, let it just happen “occasionally” – take it from there. Get to know its sparkling timeless quality. That means you need to learn to adjust yourself to the PULSE OF THE SECOND, as a new and real measure of time.
Pretty soon, you will realize that “the pulse of the second” is the only reliable measure.  To awareness, days, weeks, minutes or years mean naught as timeless time is simultaneous.

Therefore, don´t try to subordinate it your will or your idea of time – “be aware of awareness all day”.
Don´t control it in an attempt to prolong it…Whenever we try to prolong something, we prolong our ego and with it, our further suffering.

Only falseness can be prolonged, controlled and possessed.

Quoting Steve Strother

“…That connection put me more in touch with everything in this world that is amazing.  I needed that connection at that moment and I am thankful that it occurred.

Still I wonder what there is out there in the world that I am missing because I am still closed to seeing it…experiencing it…living it.   This Indigo Bunting sighting was a spirit lifter.

It was a reminder to strive to be more open to the world around me.  It was a reminder to look beyond my general surroundings.  It was a reminder to think about more than just myself, TO THINK MORE ABOUT MYSELF AS PART OF THIS WONDERFUL WORLD AND UNIVERSE WE ARE ALL PART OF, to think about myself as part of something much larger, to be open to the teachings of everything.”

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