A single tone, a single word…

A great musician once said:

“It doesn´t matter if you can play many notes very quickly – if you can´t play A Single Tone so I can say ‘Oh … it sounds like music ‘, it is worth NOTHING.

As for me, I say that no matter how many books or texts you´ve written, it´s really of no avail, unless you can utter A Single Word which sounds like Life.

A question to Jane

It sounds maybe like a common “truth”, but sometimes it feels that the destination for everything is this very moment – Now…whatever “now” means.

The thing is that I have a feeling there are different variations of Now. “Nows” that last for a single moment, but also nows that can last for years, decades or even more.

 I don´t intend to indulge in a philosophical debate, my question is this:

Can Now be the moment but also a bond to another now? In plain language, is there a linear destination, something like an “enhanced now”?…

We could say that MUSIC consists of different sequences of now, every tone being comprised in a shorter or longer now…

To illustrate my point, you know that there were Zen masters who in front of an audience played one single tone, bowed and left :) happy

I can hardly do that in concerts, even if I am tempted to do so…:P tongue

At the end of the day,  A SINGLE TONE IS SUFFICIENT…

With this attitude, all music or whatever artistic endeavour become totally insignificant – I´ve always been puzzled by this.

So with Life…

You somehow sense that everything happens now, simultaneously. If we really assumed this, there wouldn´t exist any destination, no effort would be needed whatsoever, as that would mean that everything is Suchness, immutability… What do I know, if more individuals knew this, Time as such, would either shrink or cease to exist.

I am aware that what I say may seem far-fetched and unreal, but on one level there might be some grain of “reality”.

What do you think?