A surreal hoax…

I just had my mother on the phone, she was kind of sad.
She had just returned from the burial of one of her lady friends` husband,
who had died from a sudden heart attack, just 56 years old.
The poor widow was devastated.

Some 10 minutes later, Tudor – a friend from Romania, was writing to me on
Yahoo Messenger. 

– I am rather upset, he said.
– Why is that…? I replied
– Well, he went on, you know my friend Irinel just had a menage a trois with
two gorgeous girls, and that bastard didn´t call me to partake, he just kept
the girls to himself…

That´s the way it goes: one dies, the other is devastated, another has a great
threesome, while the other is envious. Some are feasting, other mourn.

That´s the ongoing drama – some fuck, others fuck off.

Sometimes you kind of wonder if Life is not some kind of cosmic circus.

Life … is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”
as Mr. Shakespeare very well put it…

A surreal hoax, after all…which is not supposed to be taken all too seriously.