Embrace your emotions

Sometimes, a pertinent idea just pops up out of nowhere. It can be the long sought-for solution, the right answer to something you so badly craved for, but couldn´t “figure it out”.

You just can´t “think” too much about it, pondering on, or trying to find the right words for it, hinders the informational flow.

You just let it come, as if you were a secret partaker to you own life.

A “pertinent idea” comes disguised as a strongly felt emotion. All great words are manifestations of inspired, almost haunting emotions. Only emotion helps us reach further in our quest of finding out our real purpose.

It strikes me like never before that Suffering derives from lack of emotional purpose. Lack of Felt Sense. If we are short of sense, that is, out of touch with emotion, we wither. We simply die inwardly.

The disease of this epoch is exactly this:


We are in the constant practice of  killing our emotion!

God damn it, let´s stop fleeing our emotions! 

EMOTION IS THE MAP OF LIFE! Your most precious asset.

Only truly heartfelt emotion will grant you the longed-for Sense, the healing of your human dignity!

The absent you in me

Absence, absence, this horrid absence
in all shapes and tastes.

Big, sour or small, luxurious,
stern, lascivious, poor or tall

Empty eyes,
ceaseless landscapes without face
unmet posts
pile of photos after photos
words and afternoons deserted
written or unwritten joys or woes

All the same…

Absence is the relentless destination.

The ubiquitous sickness

The eater of it all


Everywhere I go

I meet the absent you in me.



The women were lingering,
their image.

The windows
were silently
their absence

This present context has stopped growing


“I get a desperate feeling concerning my acting here on WordPress. But it seems I’ve hit a state where there is no more progression within this context.

I too have that feeling.
Nothing happens anymore here on WordPress.
There is no energy left, due to lack of real interaction.

Sadly, it is gradually becoming a sort of Facebook…

It feels like nobody is really interested to participate, other than through some kind of
senseless likes – I “approve” of you, giving you in fact – nothing.

Total suspension –  people seem to like this horrible absence: “Daring to interact with you and the problems you raise scare me, as these are my problems too – so I prefer fooling myself, feigning some kind of interest.”  

It is another form of the same disease:
The sickness of not wanting to assume anything for real.

If you are hungry, and I give you 10 likes here, it wouldn´t appease your hunger
would it…?


“First of all I write for myself. But this isn’t satisfactory on the long run. It’s like living on an Island all alone. I guess nobody can stand that for a long time without getting nuts somehow.”

That´s the hardest predicament – and it´s a fact:
We are isolated – we go through this horrible loneliness, without any real help – as very few seem to dare admit and question their sickness, being afraid to help themselves…

Are we prepared to assume anything?…

This foul and hideous age, this ludicrous wasteland devastates everything.

It invariably eats it all up, leaving us destitute, demeaning and suffocating,
robbing us of the last traces of dignity and humanity.

One single individual – like me now – has no chance of stopping it, it´s like trying to struggle against a modern army with your bare hands.

A single voice cannot make the difference, let´s face it. It is like whispering a poem
in a crowded market.

IT IS BAD…we all know this. From day-to-day it becomes even worse.

Life loses irretrievably against this repulsive inertia. I for one, feel more and more
constricted. More blocked. Everywhere more and more absence, indifference,
sickness and resignation.

Other than rhetorical artifice, are we prepared to assume anything?

I cannot handle this alone. Writing interesting posts brings no real benefit!

It may sound sentimental but it’s not:

The individual has no chance against this undifferentiated evil.

Can we break this inertia and reach some kind of consensus, so that we create a
context – a network based on unprejudiced dialogue, rising above this current madness?

Or we choose to stay in our comfort zone, swallowing up this filth, giving our life away
to a nightmare?

What do you say…?

Absence is our abode

If I am to sum up the whole problem of this age in a single word,
that word would be ABSENCE.

Absence of a presence – as someone very well put it.

Absence is the suspension of any conceivable Value,
as Value resides in Presence.

Crassly speaking, Nothing Real is being created today,
as Presence is simply a word in the dictionary;
we have no idea any longer what it entails.

Wherever you go,
you sense this corrosive state of non-existence with all its derivatives:

Boredom, lethargy, cynicism, greed, theft, moral shortage,
dissimulation, sloth, futility and loneliness.

The curse of modernity

Absence of genuine relation.

The core of present reality

The story of modernity is this – the presence of an absence…

Another worth considering dialogue

Paul says:

I would not say I am attempting to flee, at least not from the depression aspect. I may desire to flee from the isolation, but I always kind of thought spending time with others was the answer. You raise an interesting thought though, and one I cannot dismiss.

My main problem is my inability to think and feel making introspection quite challenging if at all possible. I literally experience a blank slate type of feeling at all times, both mentally and emotionally.

However, I do seem to recognize the possibility of truth in your words. Maybe isolation is more of some sort of fear towards one’s Being, fear towards oneself.

I want to spend some time on your questions though, but I do think you are to onto something here.


Spending time with others can be an answer – provided that these “others” are willing and interested in HONEST PARTICIPATION. For the most part, they are not…

As long as we try to fill isolation through others, we´ll encounter even more disappointment.
It´s quite clear: everybody tries hardly to escape isolation through all kind of tricks and stratagems: dominating or letting themselves be dominated, arrogance or aggression, complaint, constant competition, malice, manipulation, gossip or God knows what other twisted grimaces…for sure, very few are genuinely interested to dig to the root of the problem.

You say:
“I literally experience a blank slate type of feeling at all times, both mentally and emotionally.”

This state of yours, is the “legacy” of this present age: an obsessive and inane attempt to do away with Thought and Feeling. You are a partaker in the Present Drama. And the story of modernity is Absence…

Isolation is basically separation from Being. Fear in fact is, proclaimed separation.

Absence and non sense

There is “so much” of everything around, and yet oftentimes I have the distinct feeling that there is nothing worthwhile in all this maddening tumult.

All this babel, all the frenzied struggle around, all this and that of the world seem to be nothing but a nonsensical absence, some kind of golden nothingness. Absence, non sense, and variations of both.

“I am so busy doing nothing”, that´s what you see around. Great “achievements” being nothing but further failures. Strife with no real result. Appalling, ubiquitous narcissism everywhere. Tell them your honest opinion, and – in best cases – you will be taken for a fool, or for a man-hating imbecile.

This collective idleness is the everyday sight. I feel awkward saying that, but despite
all this incredible turmoil – people are born, go to school, hate, suffer, love, marry, work, get entertained… despite all books written, trips made, battles lost or won – , nothing of consequence happens. Intrinsically, there is something totally wrong with this society.

DAMN IT, IT IS ALL EMPTY. Empty…infinitely empty…Am I the only one to see this…?

It all feels like a gigantic mad house. Try to tell a madcap about his being mad, and see his reaction…!
If we don´t see and accept this factual state, it means that we are all mentally disturbed. I don´t know what miracle is going to save us from this collective sloth and self-deceit…

We have what we deserve, at the end of the day – nothing more or less.

Even my writing now feels superfluous…It feels that I have sourced all my inner arsenal. I run out of words…

I only have one question left for today:

What is the reason that has generated all this hideous general Absence…?What…?