What is madness?

…- To do over and over the same thing, expecting
different results.

I´d rather say that crazy is
TO FEEL THE SAME THING – that is, to be stuck in a
mental-emotional pattern -, hoping that your action
will bring you another perspective.

Implicit action

We claim we understand, but eventually we don´t understand a damn thing, as
we don´t act in consequence.

Understanding means implicit action.

You are the space “in between”

The most difficult undertaking is to be able to see “in between”.

In between meaning that unaccountable space between one thought and another.

This inexpressible space is Fear…- always lurking in the unseen.

Fear is the distance between one action and another.
It is the space between two words, 
between two thoughts,
two breaths, two shades.

It is the inaudible reality between two musical tones.

Fear hides in smallest details; in those details we most often don´t pay
any attention to.

Subsequently, recognizing and dealing with Fear is nearly an inhuman task.
It´s almost dealing with the formless behind form.

For that, we need an incredible swift and clear perception – it requires too an
enormous courage, mindful agility and openness.

Direct and immediate understanding of Fear´s intrinsically illusory nature,
is the beginning of a real life.

Cause only when Fear is understood, can Love arise.

Action in love

Always question habitual action!

Indulging in habit and self-sufficiency never brings about real quality.
Only when being awake moment by moment, can we be perceptively accurate.

This awakeness is successful action. Quality – action in love 😉

From Jane

Action speak louder than any word.