The Fearful Ego – the hidden Entity subminating your life and health

With the risk of being considered some kind of excentric loon, I think it´s ripe time to call things by their true name, unveiling and speaking about an incredibly elusive psychic reality which is at work creating and fueling all our problems including physical and psychical diseases. It is this very reality which ultimately prevents and deprives us of living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Well, what do I have to lose, except my ego, right?

What you say makes sense to me, but I’m still afraid. I don’t know if this is a task to be undertaken when one’s physical health is bad, or if this is the perfect time to take it because my physical health is bad.

Don´t be tempted to believe that “losing Ego” is some kind of trifle…Don´t underestimate its enormous power. The “combat” with it is anything but “easy”…- it is in fact an “impossible” undertaking, insofar as it´s an illogical dispute on “life and death”. Meaning that when It lives having us under its command we are dead, and conversely, its death is us being alive.

I told you before that Ego is a very treacherous and very tenacious entity which can easily shape-shift from singularity to plurality – it can be one, but many at the same time. Like the monster with different heads in the fairy tales.

It disposes over an incredible arsenal of guises. It can take over whatever “existing” manifestation, in fact. It is highly unpredictable, popping up when you least expect it. It can be insidiously subtle – inasmuch as we can confuse it with the voice of Self – or unmistakably aggressive, vindictive and mean. Conflict, misery, affliction, chaos and disorder are its most precious characteristics – unpredictably wreaking havoc in every thinkable or unthinkable way.

It loves to punish itself and the host through disease.

As I said before: every form of psychic ailment is its “fabrication” too…- that´s hard
to swallow, as this sounds totally unsubstantiated for any sound and rational person.

Actually, it loves not to be identifiable, it skilfully and insidiously hides behind the curtains in order to maintain control. When you hear all these men of science denying the existence of Evil, be sure that it´s It, claiming it doesn´t exist.

That being said, you thus understand how hellishly difficult it is to identify it.

Unless you have dared look in the depth of depth, this seems to be some kind of gobbledygook of a deluded mind.

THAT IS WHY IT IS SO HARD TO HEAL: you necessarily need to plunge into these unseen levels of being, and there be aware of realities which are at work but everybody denies.


So now it is about being lucid here.  Sometimes “reasonable” entails dropping mundane logic:

So ask yourself:

Who is afraid within you?… Do you understand that fear is the very tool with which this
parasite of ego manipulates you?…

It is Fear stealing and frustrating you of your energy. Fear giving you all these seemingly
unsolvable health problems. Fear preventing you from truly living and being ardently alive.

You can put an end to this parasite living at your expense, by consciously staying with What is in adamant lucidity, courage and determination.

Where there is Happiness there is Presence

Only the unhappy impose, create conflict, create wars and affliction. Only the unhappy seeks to be right, seeks to find but never finds. Unhappiness creates disharmony, frustration, prejudice.

Absence is the attribute of the unhappy.

Where Happiness is Presence is.

A question to you all

Isn´t it so that we live either “earlier” or “later”? Isn´t this our daily predicament?

Indeed, we live in a constant state of avoiding, fighting  the Moment…how can we be free in such an attitude of invariable resistance?

How can we know something for real, when instead of having a right relation with Now, we do everything to escape this very moment?

The civilization as we know it, is nothing but an inane attempt to outwit Now.  A meaningless, futile fight with life…

This absurd struggle with life means illness – yes, psychic and physical ailment.

We take this crazy affliction for life. We persevere and distort every natural expression. We are deeply unhappy, living in constant frustration and jaundice, but no…we are too proud to realize our madness.

Indeed, let´s blame the economy, the climate, fate and governments! Tell people that their very life is a mess and a terrific existential Crisis, and you will be considered mad or utterly obnoxious.

Everybody sees but plays blind…So…what is to be done…? How do we deal with this present state of perfidiously chosen falsehood?