The dialogue about Depression goes on

I think I understand, as this is what Krishnamurti says…the knower and the known are inseparable. Also, this is the way I used to think many years ago, and do not hold the same views now. But anyway, why was this thought about “needing to know” occurring in the first place? What motivated this idea? Conditioning I suppose?

So why are we seemingly dissatisfied with “what is?” Meaning, why do we create all of this complexities and problems by fragmenting “what is?” What do you think about that?

Thank you for such a well posed and thoughtful response! I look forward to your next one.

My answer:


Look! Thinking is not understanding. So either you “think”, or you understand.

What I stress here is whether or not we see the urgency of our predicament.

When hungry, we eat. It is not a method, a “know-how” to pick up the food
so to say – you simply eat cause you are hungry.

The same applies to whether we are motivated or not to look into the nature of Depression, TAKING A REAL STEP TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING and eventually “get free” from it.

Understanding means lucidity, that is, unreservedly and directly confronting and dealing with the problem; only this immediate lucidity brings the fruitful action which brings about “a healthy change”.

Immediacy means Attention now. Alertness.


Consequently, if we “think” of a problem, it means that we don´t see the impending danger inherent in it. We don´t take it seriously with other words – cause only Attention and Action Now counts.

Most people intellectualize their problems, without being really interested to deal with them.

We can fall into the same trap after all, indulging here in intelligent discussions that will bring no real benefit, or we can seriously consider the problem.

So basically, we need to directly confront this thing called conditioning! To delve into it. Here and now.

This “needing to know”, is required in order to identify the problem, but this very urge “to know” can also mean AVOIDING THE PROBLEM – avoiding to take clear action.

Where there is inner conflict, there is fragmentation.

We live in complexity as we refuse to assume Simplicity – that is, looking dispassionately at the very nature of Ego.

Ego is the Problem, as ego is intrinsically a sum of conflicts.

And only when Ego is seen for what it is – conflict and fragmentation – then and only then we have a chance to get a glimpse of the whole picture.

“The whole picture” means clear vision – to see through and beyond ego. Only this realization will heal us from depression.

Spiritually aware

The highest form of spirituality is being alert here and now.

Alertness and attention are the prerogatives of happiness

In order to let happiness shine, we have to have the guts to look unhappiness in the eyes and see it for what it is – ego…Ego meaning linearity, memory, time, chains of false relations, with other words, false identity…In timelessness all false relation stop. The difficult task is to observe this insidious inertia of this emotional-mental process and cease creating time.

For this we need accurate and active but un-forced total attention.
Alertness – exactly the thing we are never taught.

If you wanna know what I mean, watch a chasing cat before making the leap to catch the bird, that´s the kind of absolute alertness I speak about.

Anyway, if we look lucidly, in this very second there are no problems. Easier said than done, as we are conditioned by experience, thought and habit. I repeat:


Only Attention can see that Second in itself is never memory. But the mind has to be
fresh – NOT MADE FRESH DELIBERATELY – and “becoming” fully aware of its intricate mechanisms, in order to fully understand this freedom.

Freedom is always illogical, it escapes all models, all “good” or “bad” intentions,
it is neither this or that.
It is Being between two thoughts…

See if you can hear these words of mine with your heart not with your mind.


Heed what “It Is Not” if you want to distinguish “What It Is”.

Do you catch it…or not?

Self-confidence is alertly relying on your immediate perception – it´s like catching a ball coming in full speed. If you wanna catch it, you just need to be there…awake and

Life throws fast energy balls  – one second too early or too late and you don’t quite “make it”.

You usually don´t catch these balls cause you think too much. The more you think the worse confidence you have, as thinking means procrastination.

I´ve never seen an unhappy person having a good confidence…have you?

Not recognizing this unutterably quick soul and life movements,
you soon become like everybody else – outsourced and unhappy.

So here I throw you the ball – did you catch it?