A Tuesday like this

Would Time exist without denomination?

The reason that prompted me to write this was the following:

Yesterday I put this quote by E. Tolle on my Facebook status:

“The only thing that people may need more time for is that they need time
to realize that they do not need time.”

A girl I know who is a very gifted composer and singer but whose life is
quite a mess – she would never admit it of course – responded:

“This is very suitable for a Tuesday like this.”

Indeed, people never tell you how they really feel inwardly, so you just have
to read between the lines.

In her few words I felt such anguish, confusion, yes, suffering.

As I read her answer, it stroke me like never before that TIME IS SUFFERING.

And what invariably reinforces suffering is our obsession with name and category.

So the question is: if name and category didn´t exist, would psychological
time – which is anguish – exist?…

“Time: time we give to values.” said a fellow blogger in a comment.

So why then do we feel this obsessive urge to evaluate and give name?

Isn´t the constant process of denomination our curse?

Isn´t name giving the very factor which isolates us from one another,
and eventually from Life itself?