The dead cannot resurrect

We call ourselves modern, yet our outlook on life is terribly outdated and obtuse.

The only conviction I hold is that our beliefs and viewpoints must be under
constant questioning, and regularly and sanely contested – when it is required.
It is all about having a minimum of intelligence and common-sense.

We are aptly obliged to adapt to the current living conditions – that´s quite evident for
every lucid person.

I’ve always been a proponent of change. Now the question is:

If the Zeitgeist is diseased, indeed, if man and the whole present society is utterly insane, seemingly and irrevocably disturbed, WHAT DO YOU DO?…

If everybody is mad and considers right to be mad, uncritically merging into prevalent Stupidity and general Disease, bluntly and narrow-mindedly disregarding common sense and conspicuous evidence as to the real state of affairs, does it mean that I have to adapt too to this manifest folly, embracing and taking it for real? 

If everybody is a cowardly moron and considers right to be a moron, do I have to be one in order to fit in and be accepted?…

What do you do when millions of people, states and nations are head over heels heading to perdition, stubbornly refusing to see, dismissing obvious fact…?

I will illustrate my point with an uncommon story:

Once, travelling by train in Romania, I met a shepherd. A down to earth but very astute man. He told me that he once was in the mountains with his sheep and dogs. Two colleagues of his were there too with their flock. Out of the blue a roaring helicopter noise came from the other side of the mountain. It created such a panic among the sheep, so they started running berserk all over that mountain plateau.


Instantly, all the other sheep were hysterically following the poor animal towards the abyss!

The three men and their dogs were desperately trying to prevent the flock from what seemed an unstoppable disaster. They managed in the end to save just a one-third of the sheep. Imagine that:


The analogy is undoubtedly quite clear here, isn´t it…? It is exactly what happens in the human realm:
Millions of people are hysterically heading towards a dire fate, and yet they don´t see it…

I may be a misfit but not a liar: Without intervention from God´s grace or higher powers,

Man is on the verge of total ruin. Psychologically speaking, humanity is dilapidated.
Healing doesn´t happen overnight. It takes generations. Nature doesn´t take sudden leaps.

I SEE IT ALL QUITE LUCIDLY and I am not “pessimistic” when I say this:

Average man is sick beyond salvation. No matter how much drugs you inflate in someone about to die, you come to the point where you comprehend that the best thing is to let him die. We may try, but we cannot resurrect the dead.

Maybe it is so, that humanity secretly wants to perish, otherwise more people would wake up, sincerely and decidedly change the course and deliberately choose another way. Besides inane redundancy and good-sounding but empty phrases, I can´t see any real signs pointing to that.


What can I say as a final word for now…?

May God stand alongside with the vivid ones!

A surreal dialogue

This dialogue is between Richard and me regarding this post of mine:

“No matter how long time a monkey spends in a Zen library calling herself a Buddhist, she will still come out as a monkey.”

He: Isn’t a monkey an admirable creature?

Me: Yes, as long as she doesn´t try to be a donkey-professor :P

He: Well, this is again only a thing of your personal perception.

I try heavily to find words which do not judge or condemn your statements here, because that doesn’t lead to anything. I would have used words like “snobbish, condescending, etc.”
The easiest way would be to ask questions instead. Let’s give it a try:

1. Why is “your” monkey female?
2. Why do you mix up monkeys and donkeys?
3. Is a professor something admirable?

1. A monkey can be male too, but the conduct can be similar :) So, as long as a monkey assumes her being a monkey is all fine. The problem arises when the monkey claims or tries to be an egoless emancipated Buddhist and at the same time steal your bananas.

2. I like the riming…Just the first letter is different…

3. No, most of the professors aren´t.

4. I love donkeys, but when a donkey is trying to become a race horse,
he is no longer a reliable animal :) The are donkeys too who feign to be Buddhist.

5. Most important: DON´T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY ! :)
not yourself either – for that matter.

Otherwise we tend to become too enlightened…