Express yourself

Even if the outcome is null, the feeling of joy you feel
venturing something arty, is what counts.


…is about beauty for the sake of Beauty. About motive-less celebration of life. Although not being its objective, Art invigorates and heals as it’s eternally fresh and untainted.

This world’s blatant sickness is therefore aggravated by the very fact that THERE ARE ALMOST NO REAL ARTISTS LEFT – they are suffocated by reckless mercantilism and everybody’s greed to arrive.

The naked truth

Let’s face it, humans’ life is run by fear, limit, suspicion, cowardice, and control.

Paradoxically, they are utterly miserable but take huge pride in their misery. Whoever is bold enough to question their self-imposed limits and go beyond them, is turned into an outlaw. They put stigma on spontaneity: passion, joy and real creativity are banned and vehemently thwarted.

Now, the true Artist defies and goes against all this inhibiting and autocratic idiocy and despite this evil resistance, embraces genuine and unadulterated emotion, celebrating love.

So fuck this malevolent correctness and claim your life beyond these insidious shadows!

Klimt and the hairdresser

I usually go to a downtown cafe where I sit watching the passersby, attempting to capture in ink their ineffable movement. Next door, there is a hairdresser shop. There works a gorgeously looking woman. Very expressive – she reminds of one of the women painted by Gustav Klimt. Sometimes she says hello, but mostly she pretends not to see me.

Incidentally, a friend went to her to have his hair cut. Imagine what this woman confessed to him:

– You know, I am so fascinated by this man who paints at the cafe. I watch him for hours on end behind the window curtain. I´d so much like to talk to him. To ask him to draw me. But I do not dare…I am ashamed. Alas… – I am so afraid to live…


Find the Connection first

One needs to perfect one´s talent, that´s for sure,
at the same time,
Art has almost nothing to do with outward skill,
inasmuch as
Connection makes the Craft.
Not the other way round…

Art can´t possibly coexist with lack of sense and order

Bearing this in mind,

How can modern man understand artistic Expression
when his life is a series of blatant senselessness and disorder..?

We have to find it inwardly

Let´s admit it once and for all:

Other than living on some past grandeur – like Paris or Rome – there are no places left on this earth where you can find true inspiration, communion or artistic thrill.

We are compelled to look inside: