Despite all evidence, a single Image, a single Word, or Feeling can have  an incredible overpowering effect .

One word SAID IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT, can mean more than all the words you have ever uttered in your life.

A single picture, can incorporate so much feeling and energy, so it can become  a map for life.

A strong feeling can move mountains. Apart from being something “emotional”, a great feeling is above all, a secret abode for unthought-of  energy. Feeling in its pristine form is immense power…

Now, I will use “poetry” as a metaphor for all artistic endeavour, be music, painting etc.

Real poetry reaches into these depths, and manifests the unknown. It is like sculpting in time, but  reaching beyond time. It goes beyond plurality in the unity of all things, it deals with “oneness”.
It embodies these perennial shadows of being , “re-creates” the Inner Space, “restores” It and returns the present moment  into the light of the transcendent.

Poetry heals the soul, as it purifies it from sloth and lethargy. Expression becomes an abode for immense power and with this emotional power we can create a new context of vitality. Only in this vitality Art can unfold Itself.

So, can we cut this crazy inertia of reckless lifestyle? Can we do less, delve more into the singleness of life, and recognize the value of “ONE”?


A question to Jane

It sounds maybe like a common “truth”, but sometimes it feels that the destination for everything is this very moment – Now…whatever “now” means.

The thing is that I have a feeling there are different variations of Now. “Nows” that last for a single moment, but also nows that can last for years, decades or even more.

 I don´t intend to indulge in a philosophical debate, my question is this:

Can Now be the moment but also a bond to another now? In plain language, is there a linear destination, something like an “enhanced now”?…

We could say that MUSIC consists of different sequences of now, every tone being comprised in a shorter or longer now…

To illustrate my point, you know that there were Zen masters who in front of an audience played one single tone, bowed and left :) happy

I can hardly do that in concerts, even if I am tempted to do so…:P tongue

At the end of the day,  A SINGLE TONE IS SUFFICIENT…

With this attitude, all music or whatever artistic endeavour become totally insignificant – I´ve always been puzzled by this.

So with Life…

You somehow sense that everything happens now, simultaneously. If we really assumed this, there wouldn´t exist any destination, no effort would be needed whatsoever, as that would mean that everything is Suchness, immutability… What do I know, if more individuals knew this, Time as such, would either shrink or cease to exist.

I am aware that what I say may seem far-fetched and unreal, but on one level there might be some grain of “reality”.

What do you think?