So why are we here…?

What´s the meaning of it all?…he asked me.

It´s a rather difficult undertaking to approach this stuff without lapsing into speculation. But seemingly – since we don´t have an appropriate language for meta reflection, we settle for what we have.

You may find this far-fetched and utterly nonsensical but oftentimes you kind of feel that “this world exists as a weird replica” of the real World. I can´t substantiate this logically, but luckily I found the same insight expressed in A Course in Miracles – namely that this world is an escape from Love.

And truth be said, the more I observe people and human nature, the more I realize this astounding truth: You can be absolved if you abuse, hurt, demean, torture, even kill…but humans will never forgive you for truly and unconditionally loving them.

Of course, no one will ever admit this…as denial is another name for who we are. Denial is with other words, another way of stating that this world is real, disavowing the Imperishable God´s Creation as the fabric of some deluded weaklings – the upside-down turned truth…

So…bearing this in mind, there is no meaning to something which doesn´t really
exist – namely, this world as we know it – no matter how we twist and turn it. With other words, NOTHING in this world – and I MEAN NOTHING – will bring about durable inward or outward peace, contentment or mental or emotional steadfastness – something everybody knows, but never acknowledges. It simply can´t. Because the whole idea behind this existence stems from a gigantic fake…

So…the only thing which gives meaning is the Holy Instant – that timeless gap, the
“in-between” freed from thought, becoming, that “something” beyond pursuit, aspiration or conceptualization….

Parasitism versus Humanity to others

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means
I am what I am because of who we all are‘.

“If I was to practice ubuntu, every parasite in my community would exploit,
abuse and misuse me.”

I HAVE BEEN CONFRONTED WITH THIS MYSELF, so I will not be playing with
words here, for the sake of indulging in inane sophistry.

The question is this:

Who wants really to abuse and misuse you?

Let´s take a look:

Who is the parasite?…
WHAT turns him into a parasite? Why is he obsessively reinforcing this behaviour?
Is he the torturer or the victim? Or both…?

You say: “I aspire to ubuntu, but I have strict boundaries.”

Isnt it so? Everyone who aspires has strict boundaries.

If you aspire to ubuntu, – in fact, to anything – you create a distance between you and that very “ideal”. You aspire, it means you are not there; as long as you act according to an agenda, you have to defend this “aspiring” CREATING STRICT BOUNDARIES.

Can you see the inherent conflict? Defending yourself from whoever, creates conflict,
as you defend your ideal, your right to become something. You are defending an
imaginary virtue – YOUR IDEA. In this case, your idea of Ubuntu.

Conflict is created by the Ideal itself. IDEAL IS IDEA!

Our so-called virtue, our very aspiring is the Parasite we are not willing to acknowledge.
Where there is conflict, becoming and aspiring, inherently we will find this awful Parasite…
It is within you, within us all…

Where there is Ideal, there is aspiration, separation, there is struggling, there is parasitism.

Love does never need “to become”…Love does not need an agenda as where
there is Love, everything is enacted naturally..

Wherever there is Love, there is Ubuntu.

A thought about success and fulfillement

If no “I” is there any longer, can we still speak of “gaining” or “failing”…? Are real dreams a matter of “fighting for”…? Indeed, although everything requires a serious amount of work and due skill, I tell you that when you stop “fighting” and “aspiring”, dreams will “simply fall from the sky and plop into your lap.” I talk from “experience”, I saw it happen all too many times…observing people who really reached a fair amount of outer fulfillment. For sure, we have to count also on this ineffable reality which can be called Luck. Unless Fortune turns its benevolent smile to us, everything we do will come to naught…

I do not in the least intend to play with words.

Many times fighting and striving prevent that very thing we all want so badly: success. Whoever says that success was the consequence of mere hard work and effort is a liar. The amount of fighting and effort you put into whatever objective, more often than not, counteracts a positive outcome.

Indeed, life does knock you hard many times. Fall down seven times, stand up eight, they say…But if you manage to “give up” counting and raise as if it was FOR THE FIRST TIME, nothing can impede you any longer to experience flow. Flow is real success. No failing, no gaining, just PURE BEING…

And flow, has nothing to do with “ambition”. Flow is ego-less action, natural Law…

Living is the secret…”purpose”, the outcome of it.