Happiness will never reveal its glowing glance to you

You take Joy
in seeing
the crack in the sidewalk,
the fleeing cloud
the timid smile of the stranger passing you by…

If you fail to see it in the minutest small, you will never achieve it on a grand scale either

There is no “next step”

It´s so easy to get caught up in habitual expectations.

There is only this step.

Does it flow?

Is it made with attention?

There is no more.

– Antonio Dias

Joakim´s commenting whether Change is possible

Deliberate change is not possible.

Where there is a wish, it will not be fulfilled.

You have to actually be the change itself.
Being the change means not being you.

But the change will not have a direction if you don’t direct it. So the change will actually not be a change, but just a happening, an expression of the actual state of the existing (what is).

So you can be that change by seeing what is, but you can never actually become
“what is” by choice, though it may appear like that to you or to others.
The action or happening comes before the thought, but the mind always claims credit for every thought or action with some potential value.
By this I mean that if you think you can change things the way you want them to, this change has probably already started to take place.

So, in this way… the law of attraction works, but not as an effect of any action or thought deliberately made by any self.
There are no deliberate thoughts actually. I think we pay too much attention to our attention, our being “aware” is never equal to “what is”, but merely “one illusion at a time”…

The skill of purposely limit yourself

I just re-read this post. I think it is valuable reading:

Learn to limit yourself

Alertness and attention are the prerogatives of happiness

In order to let happiness shine, we have to have the guts to look unhappiness in the eyes and see it for what it is – ego…Ego meaning linearity, memory, time, chains of false relations, with other words, false identity…In timelessness all false relation stop. The difficult task is to observe this insidious inertia of this emotional-mental process and cease creating time.

For this we need accurate and active but un-forced total attention.
Alertness – exactly the thing we are never taught.

If you wanna know what I mean, watch a chasing cat before making the leap to catch the bird, that´s the kind of absolute alertness I speak about.

Anyway, if we look lucidly, in this very second there are no problems. Easier said than done, as we are conditioned by experience, thought and habit. I repeat:


Only Attention can see that Second in itself is never memory. But the mind has to be
fresh – NOT MADE FRESH DELIBERATELY – and “becoming” fully aware of its intricate mechanisms, in order to fully understand this freedom.

Freedom is always illogical, it escapes all models, all “good” or “bad” intentions,
it is neither this or that.
It is Being between two thoughts…

See if you can hear these words of mine with your heart not with your mind.

A reminder

Only our mind thinks, and never watches.

Attention now is the highest form of spirituality

It all comes down to this:


The attention I speak about is not the kind of deliberate focus generated by a specific interest. I am paying attention to you cause I have a purpose to achieve with you, I am paying attention to something because that is beneficial to me, in short, whenever I am paying attention due to whatever reason, that is not attention. That is conditioning. That is limiting choice. Hypocrisy. Annoying “self-improvement”…

ATTENTION, real attention is non-deliberateness. It is perfect watchfulness with no particular reason.

I am aware that this is very hard for the common Western mind to grasp, as this would be easily mixed up with idleness. But it has nothing to do with neither sloth or passivity.

Attention is purposeless but active awareness. It follows swiftly and effortlessly every subtle inner or outer movement, as its pulse is The Moment.
This is maybe hard to get, but attention is the space between a moment and the other.
It is non-identification, it is non-interest, non-attachment, “The Void” of perfect quietness.

ATTENTION DOESN´T THINK, ATTENTION WATCHES. Only our mind thinks, and never watches.
Can you get this…?

Attention is not a graspable thought, as thought is whim and self-complacency. Attention is this Now, this actual movement, Attention is your eyes reading this. Hopefully without misinterpreting me…


Our mind is in a continuous state of inner turmoil due to ceaseless thinking, and that is why
it is not capable of any accurate perception.
Our mind is caught in its sickening illusion – whatever it touches, it contaminates.

The moment the mind understands its hopeless predicament, it´s the arising of Attention.
Only this delicate but sharp and penetrating Attention can question the mind.
Only this effortless Watchfulness can dispassionately see and discern the suffering and the madness of our graceless, depraved Mind today.


Only this disinterested and dispassionate Attention can see Love. And Love is not about “self-improvement”,
progress or “becoming”. Perfection needs no fixing. Love – like Attention –  doesn´t need “to grow”. .

Yes my friend, Love is the glorious now-twinkling of your eye. 🙂

Be careful

Your lifeshield is your attention.

A powerful insight

Your attention creates the object, not the object you.