Let´s get honest here

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Who do you really write for?

If you say your audience…think again.

The real answer? You. That’s right… you write for you. If you aren’t writing material that excites you, that feeds your soul…how do you think anyone else will like it? If you don’t like it or love it…no one else will either.

You write to satisfy:

  • your needs

  • your wants

  • your desires

  • YOU

Your audience is secondary. Yes, you have to keep your audience in mind…but always remember you are the FIRST and most important audience of all. No it isn’t selfish, it is self-mindful. It’s true in any important endeavor we do. So recognize your true audience and your secondary audience. Both are important and to keep in mind as you write.

Never write with money as the audience or even publishers or editors. If you do, it will not ring true. If it is not from your heart and soul, from you for you…then find another career or life-calling. You will save your self and others time and heart-break.

Sit down with yourself and find out what type of books and movies speak to you the loudest.

  • What draws you the most?

  • What captures your imagination?

  • What connects to you?

Then write.

A word to Joakim

Do not give away your memories. Keep them to yourself!

Watch and learn

If you are intelligent you learn from your mistakes.

If you are really wise, you will learn from other people´s mistakes, and through the power of your anticipation
you will avoid unpleasant and futile conflicts.