There is no Music without Silence

No Poetry without You…


The Night lingers
So does her bashful smile

He is in love with the woman he hasn’t met

As yet…

Your invisible nearness

The story of a lingering fragrance…

When she smiles, Life smiles

She is ravishing.
Such sweet and tender light emanates from her noble countenance.

Her shining eyes makes darkness wither.

She’s delightfully subtle yet so unobtrusively voluptuous.

When I patiently follow the generously falling line of her nose
I am rapturously caught in forgetfulness.

Oh, graceful oblivion…

Dante loved Beatrice.

I love her.

Bea, où es tu?

All signs persistently point to her.

I “see” her in minute detail, I know her, I breathe her name, the most peculiar omens and wonderful synchronicities tell me she is “round the corner” yet…I´ve never met her…

I asked myself million times if “She” is just a figment of my yearning, but her soothing perfume almost hauntingly keeps coming back, reminding me of her delightful presence.

Yes, as I know I exist, in the same way I know she exists.

I had a dream once, or was it of vision of what was to come…? We were just quietly sitting, looking at each other…Oh, the bliss of being with her…

Time forgot it existed…Such blessed togetherness would make my whole life up to that point worth living, no matter what had happened in it so far.

When she looked at me it was not a “romantic” look. As someone said:

It was not a look of friendship. It was a look that was somehow beyond all these, beyond all the different compartments of love we have down here on earth. It was something higher, holding all those other kinds of love within itself while at the same time being much bigger than all of them.

My enchanting vision lasted for some minutes only.

Yet, that felicitous feeling with her was the very Why of me existing. “More” or “less”
no longer held a meaning – I could have lived or died after this divine encounter…
It no longer made a difference…Or it did… – imagine a day with her, a week, or maybe…
But again…what has time to do with such inexpressible nearness…?

Why haven´t we met yet, as I felt so many times that our encounter was imminent…?

Who is she really?…
A muse, a feminine archetype, or a real human being living amongst us…?

She keeps whispering her music…

Where is she…?

Who is to tell me…?