The most dismal truth is that most people waste their life, imitating and simulating – never ever getting around doing something Right. That is, anything authentic which comes from the core of their Being.

Squandered lives…

Imagine, not even for a Second do they taste a true Encounter with living.

So I tell you!! All it takes is A SINGLE INSTANT OF TRUTH.

If you are honest, have the courage and allow this single Graceful Second to unfold, it will heal, restore and make your life a huge Victory.

Being knows no delay

A dialogue about the urge for “more”

I do not see the need for more as a distancing from oneself. The kind of accumulation I am speaking about, doesn´t reffer to tangible stuff, but to soul: the urge for more, is wanting to improve your soul.

Escaping what is, is not necessarily escaping the good. It may entail that you feel different now than the one you once were, and that you may want to become your former self again.

This is not necessarily evolution or involution, it´s growing.

You can not stay in the same spot, no matter how contented you are in your soul.

Even the hermits that renounce the material side of life seek to learn more about
God, they strive to perfect themselves.
I do not indulge in empty theory, or at least, I try not to.
And if you see things subjectively, it’s because I am a friend of pure reason.

Wishing to “improve” your soul is projection. Ego… – cheating itself.

How can we ever speak about “improvement” when divinity knows no degrees of comparison?… Divinity is a mighty continuous flow that we can not conceive with
the tools of our limited perception.

To put it this way: The Flow is never static but highly dynamic, total, inexpressibly
alive, eternally renewing itself second by second.

It may sound conceited, but even hermits can be wrong trying to “perfect themselves”.

How can you perfect your being, when Being is its own perfection?…

The only perfection we can speak about is the immediate realization that you have to empty yourself of the content of your I-ness.

If you feel different now than the one you once were, trying to become your former
self again, you are moving inside the maze of illusion… again, inside the egoic projection…

Moving within the different degrees of is self-delusion – which is ego in a nutshell – is being stuck in a spot. To invariably empower Illusion is not “growing”.

Reason has been given to us to understand that it is of no avail.

God has great humor after all…

I am

“I am” knows no distance.

I am is no thought.

I am is never doubt.

I am is what you are.


Patience can be just another ego´s word for resistance

Learn to lose all battles

It´s not about being positive or negative

Life is neither slow nor fast…

Stop counting

This or that exists only in your mind

Time is the figment of imagination

So stop creating time by trying to be one thing or another

How can we know…?

As long as You live at the periphery of your life,
I won´t know either the center of my being.

But if the Center talks to me, would you know that…?

The mystery of un-being.

Don´t try to be
Don´t try to not be

Just watch

You are this unbroken solitude


The Mirror-less, unfathomable simplicity of non-knowing…

How long does this moment last?…

What is, doesn´t exist, and what is not both exists and does not exist…


What are your interests?

I have no interest to be.