Accept that you can’t let go of your ego


There was so much presence in me today, it felt more free, more spacious. Observed a few belief thoughts being loosened….and this is just the tiny beginning.

Such a good reminder…I wish though the Ego would let go of me instead. 😛

This uncanny fiddling master.

No but really, this mad separated entity´s sole function is to obfuscate me from ME. In plain English, it blurs my clear presence, my right perception, my well-being, in fact, my everything…

So how can you not want to rid yourself of this ghoul? – cause that´s what
it ultimately is…

“A few belief thoughts being loosened”…- how this sounds truly relieving.

I am thrilled to hear about your state of mind today. Better put, state of “soul”…:) Most assuredly, when that blessed spaciousness is present, Right Mind is present – to put it that way…Freedom to see, act, get it all blessedly right…

This beginning is worth celebrating.

May it all be a constant beginning with no end!