Belief breeds separation

Every belief demeans you as believing spawns limitation. Every belief is actually a choice you make against the totality of Who You Are.

Love needs no belief.

Only fear does.

There is no way to It

I focus my mind on Heaven in the belief that all of my efforts will “someday”
make me real.

Some questions come to mind:

Who has a belief?… Who is this entity making “efforts”?

“Someday” is a total uncertainty, can you see that?…

How can you thus be real someday unless you are real here and now…?

Is God an Ideal? – a sum of things?…Can the connection with God ever be an
outcome of anything…?

You say:
“What I can do is strive each day to reach the still infinity of endless peace that
surrounds you gently in its soft embrace.”

This is very tricky, but fact of the matter is that we can go on “striving” for another couple of lives and still ask whether we are there yet…Striving enhances separation. Striving alienates and keeps us away from whatever we want to be – that is beyond doubt.

Really, it´s quite evident – at some point we have to quit struggling, understanding that what is “ever-present” can be neither imagined nor “reached”, neither gained through effort, or virtue…

Man is his own prisoner

Only Man is separate from What is through his belief, that is, through
his ability to think which becomes his self-inflicted imprisonment.

– Joakim

Stop trying to be someone – just be yourself for a change

Everyone tries hard to be someone. If I am so self-important, someone else wants also to be important, so obviously everything becomes a constant conflict. Yes, the same goes for conflict between families, casts, groups of interest, nations – in short, everything in this life is a constant series of struggles and conflicts between different people who want to be someone empowered by a certain belief.

If I have a certain viewpoint, whenever I stubbornly hold to my ideology – be it Christianity, Buddhism, Marxism, Atheism, Freud, Jung or whatever -, this will enhance my ego and surely create conflict with another person holding another ideology.

In our present world, my belief is your threat. Your belief creates walls around you so I can´t reach you. Can you recognize and honestly question this?…Can you see that whatever “belief” is the very ground for arguments, fights and wars…?

Can you see that your avid attempt to find “your way” is often nothing more than vain conflictuality?

Whenever you work hardly to be “someone” you stress your belief, you create disharmony, imbalance, violence…Whenever you create something out of personal interest, “something else” will be the other´s answer to you.

You are always a threat for me, and me to you, as long as I hold to “mine” and you to “yours”.

Your specific way in life is given, but you cannot look for it, it´s nothing you can deliberately find. Searching creates isolation and violence. Only when you cease “trying to be” and instead, peacefully know yourself in harmony, in relation – that is, in swift  tacit accord with the other -, then and only then, you will find “your real way”.

It is the natural non conflictual way, something that is both your and the other´s gain.

Do I believe in something?…I like Christ, Buddha, Homer, Scriabin, Rembrandt, Rilke, Kandinsky and many others, but I don´t believe in any of them.

I used to be a Julien-ist but I have given up that too 🙂

Belief or no belief?

Your belief prevents you from knowing. 

Conditioning equates destiny


It seems that people hold on to certain beliefs. The insidious reality is that oftentimes, certain entrenched beliefs hold you in their strong grip, without you being aware of it. That’s the case with the majority of people – their are totally caught in timeless conditioning. The fish doesn’t question water – this applies to certain immemorial ideas and complexes people identify as the only viable and unquestionable “Reality”.

Oftentimes you think you choose “something new”, whereas in reality you find just another truth or different system which intrinsically is nothing but another facet of the old conditioning.

Thus, it does require an incredible amount of courage and awareness to question current perception and completely dis-identify from it.


I agree. It really is a matter of shifting beliefs. It’s not our fault that our parents or the society itself grew up with different ideas and ideals. I truly respect that. It’s the truth for them. However, if one person wishes to make a huge difference (and change for that matter), it sure does take a lot of courage and awareness to bring about the desired result.

In totality, we have diverse perspectives about how to handle certain situations. But the only thing that binds people together is the values we all share and believe to be truthful. Values such as, like you said, courage, integrity, commitment, love, compassion, passion, etc. I guess that’s what the world lacks now, not just Sweden itself. People lack value in their lives.


So what is the specific meaning of Value for you?…

Few words to Bex and to you

You see,

If my words reach out to you and you really get what I mean, it´s all fine with me. Just realize that in this second, it´s irrelevant if others exist or not.
This is after all something between you and me:

I exist NOW as I write to you, you exist now reading this…That`s all it counts in this moment.
There might be not such thing as universal truth, but there is Truth…

I hear it…Do you?…

What is time?


Very true, although it’s a truth that takes time to fully realize.


Time is the outcome of our perception. Our perception stems from fear and resistance. I am speaking about psychological time here. When we fail to see the urgency of a problem, we kind of ignore it, pushing it somewhere in the “future”. So Time means actually postponing – that is, the interval between us and the problem we want to avoid.

In the long run time brings even more confusion to the that particular problem we avoid, it kind of enhances the gap, the resistance within. Subsequently, whatever true realization happens Now. In this insight time stops, and what is beyond time makes Itself known. True action is understanding the above.
I am aware that this may sound a little overwhelming, but I am sure that if you read this carefully, you will know…;)

Just a thought

What is belief ultimately? Is not “belief” the source of separation and fruitless argument? Can we go “beyond” name and belief into the nameless Source of things?

A meaningful dialogue about disappoinment


Can we see our own incongruence and hidden hypocrisy?…


Julien – I believe some of us do, yes. Although perhaps not all the time, or maybe when we look back we recognize our hypocrisies. Are any of us not guilty of hypocrisies at one time or another? It’s a matter of getting out of our own way to let ourselves “see” others around us I suppose. Although the post was specifically stating my disappointment with those who deem it necessary to shout to the world their specific beliefs, while ignoring humanity around them, it is also true we are all guilty of one type of hypocrisy or another….

And what do you think?


I wish I had a simple answer.

I will not indulge in philosophical non-sense, I will just ask:

WHAT IS DISAPPOINTMENT…? Why do we get disappointed…?

Can we open-mindedly delve into these questions with earnest willingness ? Cause behind these questions lies the answer which can give us unexpected perspective on ourselves.

What ideas or beliefs of mine are at stake when I get disappointed by other´s behaviour?… My expectations are harmed, isn´t it so…?
Why do I hold any kind of expectation? Because if I didn´t have myself certain beliefs, I wouldn´t have any expectations, would I?

What is belief at the end of the day? An idea, of course – an idea with which we identify, in order to feel safe. I protect my ego through idea, I derive my sense of safety through that specific belief…

I ask again:
If we had no belief to hold to, would we ever feel disappointed?

What DO WE IGNORE REALLY within and around us when we hold whatever belief…?