In the utmost Encounter, there is no Support

We are urged to question and deconstruct all dogmas, if we are to find the Vivid Breath which baffles and is beyond all knowledge.

Life is beyond meaning

Daniel Litvak:
Meaning, purpose, fulfillment – like all concepts – only make sense within the dualistic context of past and future. You can say life has no meaning, or say that it is full of meaning. The point is that neither of these statements apply to life – to what is. They can only be projected on to life as an extension of mind and imagination. They refer back to the mind and the world of the Me. What is, simply is, and there is nothing true that can be said about it. It has no form, no attributes, no qualities–and can’t be described in any way. All words pass through it without landing anywhere. Even to say it is indescribable is only a pointer, not a description. So I would say it’s not so much that life has no meaning–life is beyond meaning…

I like the way you put it: “life is beyond meaning…” Indeed, beyond the meaning we ascribe it. When all search for meaning has ceased though, a miraculous nearness arises – as it were both within and without – and as far as language can convey anything, this ineffable nearness feels so utterly fulfilling to such extent that every instant is permeated with a “meaning” that surpasses anything. It´s as if raising a finger, taking a random step, or whatever you are up to, feels like bliss…Isn´t it weird? We search all our lives for something which is nearer than our very breath…

True Art – like Love, like Life – is beyond all concepts and intellectualization

I don’t believe that rational understanding is an essential element in the reception of any work of art. Either a film has something to say to you or it hasn’t. If you are moved by it, you don’t need it explained to you. If not, no explanation can make you moved by it.
– Federico Fellini

The word “water” will never quench your thirst

Life is beyond concept or division

“We need to just be”… is another deception.

That´s very hard for the Western mind to grasp…but Being, ultimately has no name,
It shuns all definitions…

Indeed, we live in an awful sense of tautology – mind is redundant in its intrinsic nature…meaning that we can neither “be” being or “un-be” being…
WE CANNOT CREATE WHAT IS ALREADY CREATED – yet in our pride we think we can…

Subsequently the well-known “To be or not to be”, ultimately speaking, is sheer  insanity – who are we to think you can “not be”?…

We kind of try to outwit Being…To outwit the Universe…Such abstruse madness!

STEM FROM THIS DECEPTION…namely to think we can be or un-be Being…

Whatever idea about being, it is Mind deceiving itself.

Life is One, eternally beyond concept and division.

So instead of “just be” I would rather say -“give up”!
Throw away all ideas of being, and first then, Being can show its grace.